Sunday, September 15, 2013

cat state

hey gs.

ahahhhhhhhhhhhhh  that was like the most intense and dark episode of breaking bad ever tonight!!!! and only 2 more episodes left until the show is over! D:

i'm like really sad that breaking bad is ending but at the same time i'm glad that it's ending on a high note and not fizzling out like a lot of shows do.  i think breaking bad has never really dipped in quality all five seasons.

ahh i keep getting distracted talking to people about the latest episode of breaking bad because so much stuff happened in it.

wow i had forgotten about spn for awhile until you gs mentioned it again.  isn't supposed to be like the last season now?

aw g i never got a text back from that person that said "txt me for fun" haha

oops i didn't get pictures done for the game again because i don't have a mouse right now and i can't draw on my trackpad...

but i will go ahead and say the next song so you gs can go ahead and do it.

weird fishes - radiohead

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