Monday, September 9, 2013

moscow cat

EDIT:  sorry i forgot about this last night but the song for the game that i am choosing is reflektor by arcade fire.

heyy gs.  sorry about getting so confused with posting/not post...again.

but this post is going to make up for it, okay?

ahhh yeah.  new arcade fire song!  i am really enjoying this and i can't wait for the new album!

okay now i will do this question thing

When is your half birthday?
December 4th...I think?

Do you ever eat apples with peanut butter?
nah but i do with honey

Have you ever fallen asleep under the covers and woke up because it was suddenly hard to breathe?
um no...i fall asleep under the covers every night and i feel just fine in the morning.  maybe this question means like "fallen asleep with your head under the covers" but it didn't say that.

Do you think Ryan Sheckler is hott?
i don't know who that person is.

What is your least favorite number?

What is one thing that you cant stand?
loud rap music

Who was the last person to slap your butt?
uhhh this annoying dude in high school when we were changing in the locker room for gym class.

Can you unwrap a starburst with your tongue?

What was the last thing you stepped on by accident?
a cd case.

How many jumping jacks can you do in one minute?
if i didn't have a headache i would go check but ii magine around 80.  i might actually try later.

What is your favorite thing to eat/drink when you are sick?
chicken noodle soup and green arizona tea

Do you know any naughty words in another language?

Do you watch spanish gameshows?
nope.  but i was watching a french zombie tv show

Do you prefer subway or quiznos?

What is one sport you wish you play?

Why did the chicken cross the road?
how should i know?

Do you sniff sharpies or glue?
Do you think Chris Brown is hott?
i don't know who that is.  wait actually i think i do but i do not find him "hott"

How do you like minnesota minnesota morris golf team
i don't know that golf team.

What is your favorite college sports team? Who and what sport.
i don't have one.

what is one movie that you would want to be your life story?
star wars

what is one swear that you find yourself saying alot?
voldemort's name.
If any animal could eat you which one would you want it to be?
a great blue whale so maybe he would spit me out.  also it would be cool to live in the innards of a whale for awhile.  it would be like exploring a cave!

Ever had an ant farm?
nope but i've had sea monkeys.

Do you think burping is gross?
it is not nice but it isn't gross either

What state do you want to play hopscotch in right now?

Ever licked a battery?
no, but maybe i should try that sometime soon.

Do you like to punch people?
nah i don't want to hurt my hands because i need them for playing piano and clarinet.

Are you subscribed to any magazines at the moment?

What do you want to name your child? Boy and girl.
luke and leia

When was the last time you considered yourself lucky? Why?
i can't remember.

Do you like the taste of envelopes
they don't really have that much of a taste.

Can you name 5 brands of chewing gum?
yeah.  wrigleys, 5, stride, double bubble, bazooka gum

What kind of paper towels do you have in your kitchen?
idk.  the regular kind i guess

What is one thing under your bed right now?
a book 

Ever had a crush on a teacher?

so i saw this list of look alike celebrities today and it said tobey maguire and elijah wood look exactly the same...  like i kinda get where they are coming from and they definitely have some similarities but they don't look like twins or anything like the list says they do.  like at first the list kinda tricked me into thinking they look really similar but i know what both of them look like well enough to see they both have really distinguishable characteristics. 

what do you gs think?

haha speaking of look alikes, the picture of andrew garfield on the video para made really reminds me of walt jr from breaking bad.  i'm not saying they look alike in general but just that specific picture really reminds me of him!

oh yeah here is another random photo collage thing i made on photoshop awhile ago, this time with more layers and a couple effects.

nice song pics everyone!!! i will work on getting pics for my next post for the game now that i know what it is.

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