Monday, September 23, 2013

the wings of the goat!

Hey gs!!!!

No my titles are not episodes of a Spider-Man show but close.  They used to be but now they're not and I've been doing the same thing since I started with the goats.

Idk Gob's sched didn't look that busy to me but

Doi because it was funny icr why but I had a good laugh about that I remember

Aw g but now I have pringles so can I mention pringles again to offer some more pringles to anyone who wants them?  (They have to come and get them though)

Okay and if that doesn't make mo want the glasses to kiss try stirring up some sexual tension between them and see if she mentions it

It's not a Peter/Johnny fic anymore but no I was writing it just for class but then it turned into not that anyway.  I've only written one Peter/Johnny fic but I'm still not done with it but I definitely couldn't turn that in because its not an au.

Haha that is what I was thinking of too.  You shoulda tried to get mo and Sharon to battle a little bit.

Well I did not want it to be Monday but here we are.

Nah I don't think we ever filmed any of it because we kept putting off shooting the first scene until we had like the perfect opportunity or something and for some reason we thought we needed to shoot it all in order idk

Yes that moment of the posts being longer than the labels was a fleeting but still very glorious moment

Same get us some crepes please

Tyt about my piccies!!!

Aw g no one said any more song piccie songs and though I still haven't drawn the one for the song that I said

I will just say another song anyway because that's called setting a good example

Okay it is going to be... Father of Mine by Everclear.

Well I think I did draw one other pic but icr actually if I finished it and I'm too lazy to check.

The other day I saw a House Hunters drinking game do you think Mo would want to play that

Well Agents of SHIELD starts tomorrow!!!  You should all watch it!!! Hopefully it will be good!!!!

Wow an even better thing to do than watching episodes of TNAS and then listening to Dr. Horrible songs is watching USM and then listening to Drake Bell's songs because he has like three albums amazing.  Also he sings a little bit in the show I think he should sing more

Well this post is very lazy and hurried but I had a very busy day and I have an exam tomorrow so that's all I have for ya have a nice day!!!

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