Wednesday, September 11, 2013

where crawls the goat

Hey gs!

Wow I watched part of this promo thing for the new season of Supernatural and I want to puke yeah I'm definitely done with that show...............

Doubtful that I will not not ever play squares at school.

Doi the ice cold guy is Iceman!!! You might know him from Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends!!! Though he's more commonly an X-Man so that's where someone else might know him from.... And that's why he has an x on his head like a dumbie.   The blue guy is Human Torch. Doi from the Fantastic Four so that's why he has a four on his chest.  You might know him from me talking about him all the time???? Uh the one reason I guess you wouldn't recognize him is I was drawing them like their Ultimate selves at this particular time I really like and Johnny's hair is dyed black so yeah everyone has weird hair like Bobby is like bald and Johnny has black hair and Peter's hair is like so long IDK

Oops I accidentally just quit out of this tab in my excitement. But now we're back obviously because here we are.

Yeah there's Spider-Man and multiple Spider-Womans and Spider-Girl's actually like there's Jessica and Julia and May and Anya and probably more I'm forgetting but yeah they change names a lot though I guess there have been other people called Spider-Man I'm not gonna go through them all I think the only time there was a Spider-Boy was in a Marvel vs DC crossover so yeah not really nobody wants to be called Spider-Boy that sounds dumb as sticks but yeah there's some other spider-people idk spider powers man. And there's also Black Widow but she doesn't have spider powers!!!

Have I ever met Howard or was that someone else idk???

Yeah 3:30 Para had just watched TASM she was a mess

I ate all my pringles :(

Tyt about my posters. um WELL I didn't have this many posters last year but Joy basically told me I was a fool.  Molly hasn't told me I was a fool so she is definitely the better roommate.

Tyt about my vid.

Idk I guess the internet's over we can all go home.

 Tyt about my pics. Yeah I worked a long time on that one haha

That wasn't those glasses' first kiss just saying

Nice song piccies!!! Omg I didn't even realize that was supposed to be the Aristocats haha

Um Gob I don't know if you realized this but the songs you say are supposed to be random but whatever it doesn't really matter.

The second pic you put doesn't show up for me but I googled Elijah Wood and idk maybe he looks a little bit like Tobey except he has really weird eyes????

I also googled that guy you said looked liked Andrew and no he does not.

Nice photo collage!

Man oh man I wish I still had those pringles.  Remember when I had food in my fridge?  Good times.

Idk what else to say in this post??? So much of it was responding to stuff and now???

Wow I wish it would be more cold out so that it would stop being cold in classrooms!!!! Today I was freezing in creative writing class and this girl was like???  Sweating and sticking ice cubs down her shirt??? And standing in front of the AC????  Is there something wrong with her or is there something wrong with me that is the question.

Okay okay time for song piccies I guess

Reflektor (this one sucks don't judge)

Where is my Mind (I wanted to try to draw crying don't judge)


Omg I just realized this whole group of song piccies is really sad???? Like maybe not if you're just looking at them but they're all about things. So sad.  Sad things. Sad.

Okay I will say what all my song piccies are for so far.

Hey Ya: Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man
Sweet Dreams: A bunch of different things - Superior Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man #39/40, and a lot of different comics about the Venom symbiote and Black Cat.
Futile Devices: Spider-Man/Human Torch miniseries mostly
Where is my Mind: Superior Spider-Man #9
Reflektor: Amazing Spider-Man #121/122
Stronger: Civil War

Okay the next song is.... Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day.  haha okay

Haha I just saw a pic of someone from Game of Thrones I think and I thought for a moment that it said Neopets but. It didn't.

Okay that's all have a nice day!!!

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