Saturday, September 21, 2013

tall cats with feelings

heyy gs.

okay thanks gs, now that i know i can make the pics pretty much however i want i should be able to make them more easily and be more satisfied with them.

wow i wish things would stop getting added to my schedule every week.  my week is too busy as it is already!  like last week my accompanist for my solo kept adding rehearsals which was really annoying because like technically most people only have 2 rehearsals with their pianist in the span of 2 weeks before a school of music recital. but i am going to have 4 or 5 in the span of two weeks before the recital i'm playing's not for a grade anything and it's not like a huge deal recital so idk why she keeps wanting to add rehearsals.  plus i think it is sounding fine but whatever.

wow i felt like i had so much to say last post and i didn't have time to say everything but like nothing at all to say today on this post...

maybe it is just because i'm tired. idk.

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