Thursday, September 26, 2013

from the goat of defeat!

Hey gs!!!!

Yeah that's what they're from good job you guessed it!!!

Aw g I don't have pringles any more but I miss them :(

I want that chocolate :( :( :(

Yes also imagine Mary Winchester and Anna lipsyching for their lives

Well now we're almost on Friday which is the day I want it to be!!!

Idk what that show is really but I am all for white guys dying instead of women or poc

Well I was trying to catch up on my song piccies today but then I started doing one and I accidentally started making it very elaborate and time consuming so yeah I haven't finished any more actually welp

I'll just say the next song... It's going to be... One More Night by Maroon 5.  Haha okay.

WOW A CRAZY THING HAPPENED called I turned in my rough draft of my short story and also a four of my peers reviewed it and well I thought everyone was going to really hate it because I pretty much rushed writing it the last two days before and also it's pretty long like 6,000 words and I was really not happy with it but wow crazy day everyone loved it!!!!  They just kept going on about how great it was and also my prof told me it was really funny????  I'm so confused but also so happy!!!! Haha the only thing they told me to change was to draw out the ending which is so funny to me because they're telling me to make it longer when it was already like five times as long as anyone else's.  So I guess they liked it. Also one girl said she almost crying when she read this one part!!! That is so crazy to me because I mean it was supposed to be sad in that one part but no one has ever told me that before about a thing I wrote I am amazed!!!! Also I am laughing because this one girl told me she was really shipping the two guys in my story and was so happy when they got together.  I was also shipping the two guys in her story though but they didn't get together in the end bum bum bum.

Okay but here's some bad news Delicious made their darn website completely unusable wow they hecked up so badly

Okay so I watched the pilot of Agents of Shield!!!  It was p good!!! Oh wait idk if anyone's gonna watch it but






*Okay well there were a few things I didn't like like that one white guy who's name I forget was p boring and I didn't care about him at all
*Also no way is he almost as good as Natasha just no
*Also wow "sweaty cosplay girls" way to make fun of your fanbase
*Okay but yeah besides that it was good it seemed like it was very accessible to non-comic fans too
*The "he can never know" thing is intriguing.  A popular theory seems to be that he is a clone that doesn't know it kind of like what happened to Gwen I guess but my first thought was that he was a LMD or something idk.
*Maria is really great though I hope she will be around for the rest of the season
*I think my favorite characters so far are Melinda and Jemma and Leo
*Leo reminds me of Chekov a little bit idk
*My first thought when I saw that Max guy climbing the building by sticking his hands into it was that he was supposed to be like the Prowler but probably not because he has a different name and also that was really the only thing that made me thing that (well, other than the fact that he was a guy trying to be a hero but ending up being dangerous) so he's probably not supposed to be him. That would be cool if the Prowler showed up in an episode though
*Max did kind of remind of of DL though like just because he had his son and rescued someone from a fire.
*Oh I just remembered another thing that made me mad was when Skye was interrogating the white guy why did she need to take her jacket off and be acting all sexy when he already had the truth serum and it was clearly working??? There was no point to that!!!
*Also I feel like I used to like Coulson more but all the attention he gets from Marvel and from fans really annoys me and makes me not like him as much because a lot of characters are just as awesome or even more awesome and they don't nearly as much appreciation
*This show also kind of reminds me of Heroes like from the point of view of the company if it wasn't evil
*"With great powers comes...a lot of weird crap you are not prepared to deal with." haha
*Wow I was reading a review of the episode and haha I guess the flying car must seem really random to people not familiar with Marvel but I was actually expecting it!

Welp that's all kiddies have a nice day!!!

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