Tuesday, September 10, 2013

a load of barnacles

heyyyyy gs

nice post gob!!!

oh haha i was gonna say that you forgot to post a song so i was just gonna go w the arcade fire song so ok then

wow i didnt even know about this new album

i really love the song tho

well i would say that those two ppl dont look exactly alike but like they have the same kinda thing going on w/ their face?? idk like they both have kinda squished together  and weird faces but elijah wood's is more squished together. but its not really like you cant tell them apart or somethin

nice not song piccie!

doubtful para that you will ever play squares at school

yes but who is that ice cold guy. and who's the blue guy

wow so theres a spider girl and spider man and spider woman? or is spider woman and spider girl the same?? is there spider boy???

howard is noahs imaginary friend who turned out to be real. tho im still not 100% convinced. maybe 70%

hahaha 3:30 am para what a delight!!!!!!! i didnt really care about anything she was talking about but at least it was entertaining

may i have your pringies

wow nice posters. you truly are a darn fool. has anyone seen them and said you're a fool? has molly? what are her posters?????

nice lil vid

dang whats the point of the internet if the best blog on it isnt going to be updated ever

nice pics!! wow that first one has a really good look to it

ok wow there were so many things to respond to crazy day

the other day mom made the kirk glass and the spock glass kiss

ok heres my song pics!!

futile devices:

where is my mind:


will each of my pics be about a different thing???? we just dont know!!! (probably maybe)

oh hm i should prob say what all thems been for


hey ya: attack on titan
sweet dreams: the aristocats
futile devices: hawkeye the orange cat
where is my mind: neon genesis evangelion
reflektor: supernatural

ok the next song is stronger by britney spears


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