Tuesday, September 24, 2013

fool me cat

heyyy gs.

yeah i am watching orange is the new black and its not like an amazing show but i still like it and its pretty good and funny.  haha it is a bit awkward to watch with your parents though because in like the first three episodes there is a ton of sex and nudity.

haha awesome there was just a conan episode that came out that is entirely devoted to breaking bad.  like 7 or 8 of the cast members are on the episode.  haha there are too many of them to fit on the couches and chairs next to conan.

okay gs sorry this going to be another kinda lazy and boring post but i will try and at least make it a bit longer than my last post.

tomorrow the string quartet is auditioning my composition for the contemporary music festival student recital and i really hope they will play it well so it will get chosen to be on the recital.  i think like around 3 hours worth of people are auditioning and the recital will only be 45 minutes of that. D:

oh yeah i should probably say a song for the game even if i don't have any pics in this post.  i will say 2 actually since i forgot to say one in my last post.

Comforting Sounds - Mew
Someday - The Strokes

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