Sunday, September 1, 2013

cats university

heyy gs!!

sorry about the confusion of posting. i just got my dates off i think and wasn't looking at the order of posts right.  idk.

 well now we are on the right track though so it's okay.

yay i am so glad it is a 3 day weekend!  this weekend has been really nice so far.  on friday i hung out at a friend's house until like 5 am.  and then on saturday i just chilled and relaxed all day.  today i got some of the work done that i needed to but we might go to see monsters university tonight!!!!  we would have gone to see it earlier in the summer but we kept waiting on seth to see it with him and we never found a time.  he's home tonight though so we might go out to see it.

oh well today is september 1 and we haven't come up with a game...i can't think of anything though D:  if i think of something i'll add it to this post later today.

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