Thursday, September 5, 2013

selling is service

heyyyyy gs

um wheres gob

yeah wolverine doesnt have a love life wow. well anyway i hope the show is similar to that fic we were writing except a lawyers au instead of a high school au

well the main white guy. yeah idg whats with that movie like wtf is it gonna be rated what even

maybe gob didnt post yesterday bc he was sad that para said a baby is her favorite cousin rather than gob. except gob doesnt know thats a baby but still

para u big u even have room for four posters??? what does this one look like lets see a pic

dang i was gonna say a game last time and it was one that sounded really good in theory but then i realized i didnt actually wanna play it.

speaking of of yeterday our road is finally smooth!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but we cant play squares bc para stole our ball i think. also i wouldnt rly wanna play it w/o para so

ok sorry for our post

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