Monday, September 2, 2013


heyyyyy gs

hm the ep i watched was.......well ok i wasnt sure which ep was the one we watched and i probs coulda figged it out but was too lazy so i just watched one that sounded like it came vaguely after it and it made sense. anyway it was episode 2x13 i think and hmm let me think that small guy was p small especially when he had a talk w hrg all small. thats all i remember. at the end of it that g ran away frm home what a frickin g. and it was like i skipped everything else but it made perfect sense as a show about just this one storyline but then i tried to watch another ep i think the one after it or s/t but mj didnt seem to be in it much but stuff was still happenin w/ that g and i kinda wanted to know what was happening but could not want to watch scenes of just her and/or her parents. the struggle

omg let me tell u the other day our baby cat did the smallest thing shes ever done. ok so i came downstairs and she was sitting on top of the fridge as shes wont to do. then i went upstairs and came back a little later and i heard a rustling noise and came in just after she had jumped off the counter next to the fridge and in her mouth she was holding this bag of dog treats that had been on top of the oven. omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

yes its wolverine. i guess he'll have a love life um ok. well as i said im doubtful that most characters will be in it. im guessing that at most like 4 characters will make it into the show. bleh its like the more i think about this show the more i dnw it. like i dont really care bc it probably wont be a v big thing and like is more "inspired by les mis" rather than an adaption of it but the fact that s/t that sounds like its going to take place in a largely upper class setting is inspired by a book about systematic oppression is p frustrating and maybe it wont be like that but yeah right and i dont see whats so great and original abt the dynamic b/t jvj and javert that they wanted to make a show just about that???? w/e

nice piccies g!! your redraws are really good. u sure have stepped up ur game. also the green ones hahahah. also in the one frm ur fic is that guy the guy w the annoying name?

omg the boring looking white dude frm pacific rim is gonna be in the 50 shades of gray movie thats hilar. actualyl there were like 4 boring looking white dudes in that movie but u know the one

wow crazy day the other day. its not every day someone who plays one of the people in your best ship puts a vid on youtube of him singing i will follow you into the dark w/ rewritten lyrics that have to do w/ your ship. though obviously my favorite version of that song is mixed berry pudding but

some days ago we bought the spiderman doll from target that clings toy your walls. it was for a little boy named peyton. who here is jellin jw

i smell cuppies

ok thank me for our post

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