Wednesday, January 29, 2014

better late than never

heyy gs!

okay so while writing this post i had my lights off in my room and i accidentally started to dose off and i missed posting it before midnight.  i'll just finish it up right now though and post it in just a little bit.

para that would be awesome if you could give a link to those comics!

i'll try to be thinking about an idea for an awesome new game

what do you mean by you hoarded the aunt-may url?  like you bought it so you can use it?

nice picture para!  the colors and details on his suit look really nice!  haha actually that was the picture i was describing earlier because i had seen that you would draw it in the future

haha well listening to that loop over and over while writing this post started to get annoying but i listened to the actual full song instead!  haha i muted the video and spongebob is still stepping in time to the song i'm playing.

yeah that would be fun to come to your house for the summer if we can't do comic con!

wow at first i didn't really care for the new arcade fire album that much but since arcade fire did the score for "her" and a song from their album reflektor was in the movie i decided to give it another listen,  and i'm enjoying it so much more!  like this is sooo great.  idk why i didn't like it before.  i really want to see arcade fire live now.  they're coming to a bunch of close places to me like st. louis, louisville, chicago, columbus, and cleveland.  i am going to like a ton of concerts this year already but i still really want to go.

okay so i was bored today and started to make this song on the computer and it's not like a full song really right now or anything and it's just a kinda little, stupid, fun song but here it is!  right now it just keeps like building up and adding but eventually i'm going to make it like change in there too so it's not always the same stuff.

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