Saturday, January 25, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyy gs

ok idk why gob posted yesterday w no explanation for it. hes always at it tryna steal para's days!!!!!!!!! next thing we kno he'll be tryna dissolve para's lifeless body in his bathtub!!!

yea para but the one gob is talking about is one of petermj w peter in his outfit and no mask that i guess could at least be mistaken for them kissing idk. so you're a lil wrong a dumb

ok now its later and im not in my best mood but oh well. at least i didnt have to drive thru the sno to pick up noah from his stupid party cuz mom drove and i just went w her. i hate driving in sno so much. also i hate that tomorrow i have to open and close at work that sounds like my worst possible nightmare and theres only gonna be one other person there and hes a guy who basically never does anything so thats cool. i actually hope it snows a lot so no one wants to come there please. also whenevr i work and stand up for a long time it makes my back hurt but my back and neck and head already hurts so that should be fun

ok back to your regularly scheduled responding to things

alright para the real question is how am i gonna tell you how much i will pay you if i cant write it on a piece of paper and slide it across the table to you

well doi im gonna dye my hair but i havent gotten around to it yet cuz im lazy and also im worried of how it will look so im putting it off. also the other day like a few days after i bought the dye someone was like "i love your red hair! i can tell that its natural blah blah blah" and like ok. well the dye is still red but yea. but ill snap a pic when i get around to the thing

oh yeah i forgot you were there for my light. well yea dad was gonna change that bub but i didnt want him to stand on my bed so i declined him to

its mashers and:

idk do you really need a reason for oiling up babies? i kno there was one but

well maybe those glugs dont like to fail their classes if they can help it too

ok sorry we wont talk about that night anymore?

dang if i had thought of that motormouth song at the time, i def would have sang it

ok but i killed the game cuz i thought you wanted it dead???

sorry for liking your least fav piccie g

tyt about my poems!!

aw g well ive decided that i can read your stuff so hand it over

i forget what the trailer was. ok lets see i guess it was "that awkward moment". welp. ok whens that fantastic four coming to a theater near us? im guessing not for a long time lol. wait doi im already on mbj's imdb ok it says 2015 well thats not too bad. but how real is that? haha hes the only guy cast in that. thats fine. tho it says rumored but is that real?????? wait what means testing for the role??

ok heres that small pic

cool video game trailer. actually i didnt watch it. ok i'll do that later lol

aw g ngl idg why its hard to play a video game at school and i kinda wish you would play it there cuz theres nothing more boring than when you are playing your games sorry. tho do whatchoo want

ok g calm down cuz gob was answering my quesiton about if scarlett johansson is her in that movie so

ok tyt about my poems gob!! thats crazy that the third one is your fav cuz thats my least fav!! haha jk. the last one is my least fav. i think i like the first two the best tho

nice vid. jk i didnt watch that either haha. but i will

ok done w responding but i still have a lot to say bleh

alright the other day i was on noah's tumblr and there was a post like "wow i just gained 8 in 3 hours!!!" and it was a caption for a pic and the pic was a screencap of his followers count but the pic wasnt loading for me so i at first thought he was meaning that he gained 8 pounds in 3 hours and honestly that didnt surprise me. well speaking of noah and his tumblr, i have a few puzzlers:
*why does noah tag his original posts w his own url
*why does noah post about his follower count every 10 followers
*who does noah think he is

para i found a dress for you

waiiiit i just searched marvel on forev 21 to find the dress again and they got a lotta marvel stuff now

well tonight i booked a flight to indiana on march 27!!!!! i dont think para knows about this but yeah. icqcme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tho thats just another reason why i want it to be spring dang. but thats only two short months away so maybe we're gonna make it after all. also ok the flight is at 6:30 am on a thursday and tbh im kinda looking forward to that cuz like when i was in 9th grade and i had to stand at the bus stop at 6:30 am and sometimes a plane would fly over and i'd always wish so much that i was on that plane instead of about to go to school and so maybe i'll fly over some lil bubs standing at their stops haha. anyway im so excited for this dang trip!!!!!!! its too bad that para cant go but she should be glad that im not going during her spring break cuz first bad robot asked if i could come during gob's spring break but its the same as para's so no. sounds like i'll at least get to see gob during that music festival so thats fine

ok today was like hmmm i bopped around then made the most yummers nachos then watched shes the man w mom and ok that movie's pretty good but its so dang heteronormative i was puking a lil. also i love that headmaster guy who i had forgotten about but htis time watching it was so weird because he's the guy who plays tobias in arrested development wow. and what was the most crazy was i had just watched an ep of arrested development this morning and it was an ep frm season 4 and it was a tobias ep so wow. ok i watched that ep cuz i wanted to remember about the fantastic four musical but that turned out to not be an ep that had that in it. anyway the g who plays becky in spn also was in that movie. ok anyway anyway what else i did in my day was figure out my flight and made three bloody marys but i didnt make them in front of the mirror. wow bloody marys are a gift from above. then i made gruyere croutons to go w our squash soup and then i watched breaking bad and it was the ep where he broke bald. then i actually booked my flight and then grumped about my back and neck being bad and about having to pick noah up and sno and at the same time i talked to para and had a massage then i went w mom to pick him up and i saw his weird friends some of whom i recognized from his blog wow. then i did laundry and then this post.

alright this is the closest ive cut it in a long time and im not gonna read this thing over like i usually do im just going to release it into the wild

bye now

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