Sunday, January 19, 2014

punch me i bleed

heyyyyyyyyy gs

boy para you really set out to try and make everyone feel really dumb in your post. well you didnt succeed. probably cuz you're so dumb

yea im not sure why in almost every gob post he says hes gonna add stuff later or do another post later but he basically never does. ah well

i still wanna kno what pic gob was talking about but we may never kno

ok how do i explain you're right now reading recent spider-man comics w/out having read ones that came before it so like why cant you just read the new amazing spider-mans w/out having read the superior ones

well yea going back a lot of times to get all the covers sounds really reasonable. what the heck tho how many variant covers could there possibly be

maybe it will come out on april 12

i didnt say what is buckynat i said what is buckynat LIKE

ok g it wasnt clear to me that you were saying that stuff about tony for my benefit when you said tony is a big worthless glug. and nah you dont like dean dwai

g cant you tell me how much i will pay you cuz thats usually how it works

yeah haha that was funny when we saw thor 2 and noah did homework and stuff. tho shoveling the driveway at midnight was a lil less funny but still i remember it fondly

yea doi if there was no sno we still couldnt play right now but its like you look at our street covered in sno and its just this thing ok i dont feel like explaining it you are dumb

coulson is dumb

idk what goblin team gob wil be on

wow you dont even kno how much cash i spent at walgreens it coulda been 5 dollars. altho it was a pretty larger amount so

why did you think dad changed my light bulb. idk how many hobs it takes to change a light bulb cuz none of them have done it yet

trust me g you want superhero mashers

same about elementary. bleh the fact that mom hates that sho and likes sherlock makes me wanna pour hot oil on a baby

aw g thats glug that those two guys are still in your latin class. maybe you shoulda tried failing latin last semester

haha nice slepping typing

yeah g im gonna write that fic

nice vid!!!!!!!

nice 30 day challenge!!!!!!! icqcme for all this!!!!!!!! nice pics so far!!!!!!!!!!!!! theyre so beautiful im gonna die right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry i wasnt on gmail but i didnt get home last night until like 11:30 and then i read your post and then i went on gmail but you werent there altho today i saw that apparently you went on there later but i waited a good half an hour for you so that aint my fault. altho i did a lot wanna chat w you but i was also verrrrrry sleppppppy

ok gob i dont know what that her movie is but i had not ever heard of it until you said about it and then i heard about it like 15 times. and people keep saying "i saw her" and i keep thinking "you saw who?". ok..........

well i give up on this game

ok today was boring so ill just say about yesterday hmm it was a weird day kinda idk and also a exhausting one cuz i worked for 7 hours and then i went to a party and then i was possibly gonna go another place after that but i was so tired and i hadnt any legs so the thought of that made me wanna throw up. also at the party i was talking to this guy from mozambique and he was p cool altho he literally did not stop talking for like 2 hours straight and for the last about 45 mins of that i was wanting to leave but i just could not even do that wow i wanted him to kill me

today i was watching parks and rec on some channel and there were a lot of commercials that icqcml at like there was one for which was a real dating site for farmers wow that did not seem real and then there was one for chillow and it was like "turn your pillow into a chillow!"

bye bye now

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