Tuesday, January 21, 2014

the goat strikes back!

Heyyy gs!!!!!!!!

Wow Gob you really hecked up in describing that pic.  No they're not about to kiss they're supposed to be booping each others nosies.

The goblin war is the war of goblins

Okay making everyone feel dumb was not my intention in my post sorry

No okay because for one thing, remember how before when I was reading Superior Spider-Man you asked me why I was reading it and I said I just wanted to know how it would end?  Well that is still the case I am really curious about what's going to happen so I want to read it all even if it makes me mad, and it's better to do that before it ends because otherwise you're gonna be spoiled and it won't be as good to read. Also because I need to know everything that happens in it before I can read the new Amazing Spider-Man because it's really obvious that whatever's going to take place in those comics at first will be the follow up to Superior Spider-Man soooo.  Like old comics yeah I want to read them but I don't have to read them before I read the new comics because for one thing I already know generally what happens in them, and for another thing, what happens in them doesn't directly affect the new comics as much.  Idk it's hard to explain but do you get what I'm saying?

Let's see I think there are 8 different covers.....

No it won't come out on April 12 it will come out on a Wednesday and April 12 is a Saturday

I thought you were saying what is buckynat. like

I never said Tony was a worthless glug....I just said Pepper was too good for him....I think everyone would agree with that.......If you saw the movies you would know what I'm talking about.

But you said you would tell me how much idgi

Yeah remember how I kept falling down when we were shoveling the driveway???? Good times good times

Well I assumed if you only spent five dollars than you wouldn't be like wow I spent all my cash there. You still haven't said what you bought

Because when you were sick it seemed like Dad was going to change the dang bulb.  Hey did anyone ever get that bulb that was stuck in the light in the dining room out btw

Okay hook me up with some superhero mashers

Okay but pls don't pour hot oil on any of my fave babies

Aw g I didn't want to fail Latin I just wanted everyone I hated to fail it. What's really glug is there's this g in that class who I actually enjoy talking to but those gs keep talking to me instead so I can't talk to her wow they are just talkblocking me haha

Awww yeahh have you started the fic yet g

Tyt about my vid

Tyt about my pics. I wonder how long it will take me to do that whole challenge

That was a really glug night for me wow.  That time when you were on gmail and I didn't respond I was working on a vid and I didn't see you!!!! Bleh I wanted to die when that happened

The first time I heard about the movie was when I was watching the Daily Show and Scarlett Johansson was talking about it.  That was really glug to me tho bc I wanted her to talk about Cap 2 or something but no

Nice day.  Wow how do you even talk to someone you just met for 2 hrs what do you even talk about how does that happen?

Haha I have seen both of those commercials before and yeah they are gold

So the game is just dead???

Well okay here's a thing about my day.  Well first I had lunch and then I went to class and then I went to another class but we got out early. So then I went to the bookstore to buy the book I rented for that class bc apparently I wasn't supposed to be able to rent it.  And then I did homework and then I ate dinner and then I came back here and wrote this post...... And yeah that's all I did today.  It wasn't a very eventful day aw well.

Okay piccie time.

So I finished two more for the challenge.

Gaming/watching a movie. This reminded me of Ultimate Spider-Man bc idk Peter plays a lot of video games in that except I think he sucks at them bc he always loses. So here he is losing at a Wii game to MJ.  When I was drawing it I was imagining they were playing Cooking Mama but who knows. If only they could be playing Lego Marvel Superheros bc they would play as themselves but alas that's not available for Wii.

On a date.  Well.  I read this comic where Peter and MJ were arguing about sushi and then

Okay also this isn't for the challenge obviously but this is Peter Parker and Danny Fenton.  Although spider-sense is obviously way better than ghost-sense.

Hm okay that's it. Have a nice day!!!!

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