Friday, January 3, 2014

blue mama

Hey gs!!!!

Awww yeah first post of the new year!!!

Okay I've got 12 hours to write this post its gonna be a good one.

Gob why did you have to cross that stuff out why couldn't you just have deleted it just wondering

Or maybe you just don't like brightly colored albums Gob

Wow I'm so proud that a movie I showed you two made it onto both your favs list!!! Actually two movies I showed Hob were on her list plus another movie she probs wouldn't have watched if it wasn't for me so I'm p happy about that

Well I guess it's too late to tell you something you could do every day but here's some thing you could do every third day: post on the goblog!

Wait you didn't even have any snow before that??? wow.  Doubtful that every day of 2014 will have snow tho

Haha nice lil thing about you Hob.

Here's a thing about me. I'm also small like a small lil parasite but more small. I like

Nice job saying the rules.  Wow remember how we used to have the thing where it was your job to punish yourself but then nobody (Gob) ever punished their self

No I was just saying that it'll be easier for you to post if you have your own comp and posting is really what's important in life

Guardians of the Galaxy is another Marvel movie.  Tbh I'm not sure about it either bc I don't really care at all about cosmic Marvel stuff but I guess I want to see it anyway.... esp bc Zoe Saldana is in it and she's a cutie

Well maybe you will change your mind about Breaking Bald once there is more bald.

Nah g those olives are so cute

Doi the Spider-Man book was in the inspirational box because Spider-Man is so inspirational!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow how do you guys even remember all the movies you have seen last year?  Well I'll just try I guess

*Thor 2: The Dark World
*The Wolverine
*Iron Man 3
*Pacific Rim

*Star Trek Into Darkness

That's all I can remember. that supposed to be a list of fav albums released in 2013 or.....??? Bleh this is too hard bc I don't even usually listen to whole albums.  The only album relaseed in 2013 that I can remember that I listened to the whole thing is
*No Blues-Los Campesinos!

Well good enough

Okay here's my list of my fav comic titles of 2013 in no particular order

FF - Matt Fraction

Daredevil - Mark Waid

Amazing Spider-Man (there were only five issues with various writers)

Captain Marvel - Kelly sue Deconnick

Deadpool - Gerard Gorman Duggan

Hawkeye - Matt Fraction

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man - Matt Kindt


Okay here's a list of things I still need to do before I go back to school
*Watch sleppy w my g
*Watch emh w my g
*Watch tasm again w my g
*Go out to lunch w my g
*Go to the comic book store w my g
*Make more cards but mostly an mj card

Okay here's that pic I drew

Okay time to play Lego Marvel Superheroes I'll finish this post later

Okay I'm back!!! I still have two hours to finish this post but idk what else to say

Oh wait I can have more let's talk about comics time!!!!

 Amazing Spider-Man #700.1
*Okay Pete well now we're all wondering how climbing to the top of the city reminds you why you keep fighting but okay
*Is it just so you can see some people that need saving bc don't you think you could see them better if you were a lil closer to them well whatever
*Poor Spidey he's so cold I feel u man
*Except well probably not really bc I don't run around New York City in winter in just some spandex why would you do that
*Aww man the part when he's in the shower and he's shivering that's really small
*"why are you still bundled up?" that's small like a little bundled up guy
*Wow he's just going on and on about spiders that's not suspicious
*But it's also small bc it's like he's a cold lil spider
*"I like to hear you talk about him" that's small!!!
*When he's hugging Aunt May pls kill me it's too small!!!!!
*Sleepy baby
*The art in this issue is not my fave but I like how the blizzard looks
*Also it makes me cold to read this issue burrr
*Dang the flight to Minneapolis-St. Paul is cancelled
*Just drinking some hot cocoa that's small
*Wow how can your spider-sense tell you what's happening all the way in Queens?
*I'm guessing that's his apartment in Chelsea. It sure looks like it at least.
*In conclusion this issue is really small and cold!!!!

 Amazing Spider-Man #700.2
*Well Captain America doesn't have any family any more does he?
*His hands are numb and he still puts the two fingers out to thwip that just tells you how important it is.
*You'd think rescuing people from a fire would be warm tho
*Actually Spidey the firemen probably get paid to do that so they're not really the ones who deserve the most thanks.  Um plus they also would have failed with you
*Doubful that your spider-sense has never been stronger seeing as you're sensing something that's happening all the way in Queens and it's not even that urgent wow
*Wow even if he clears way all the snow on the bridge wouldn't he still have to clear all the other roads to the hospital like that is just not possible I'm sorry
*Haha the snowball fight part is my fav
*How the hell does he walk all the way to Aunt May's house in a blizzard hallucinating the entire way
*Wow Aunt May had all those candles and she only lit one measly little one?
*Peter's so small he just does all those things
*Why is he sleeping in Aunt May's bed???
*The pic of tiny baby Pete is really small!!!!

Okay that's enough.

Dang I need to play more of the Lego game so I can get to PeterMJ but I'm so slow at it I suck at video games pls help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I can't think of anything else to say sooooo have a nice day!!!!

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