Friday, January 24, 2014

short fast week

heyy gs.

sorry for the confusion about that pic para!!

yeah scarlett johansson is her in the movie "her".

great poems hob!!!  i like #3 the best

nice pics para!!! wow i could really go for some sushi right now.

wow so this week i had a total of 3 classes canceled + no school on monday because of mlk day so this week went by soooo quickly!

blehh the internet at my school has been going so slowly lately.  like netflix takes forever to load and even once it does, the video is really laggy so the video and audio get out of sync.  and like loading videos on any of the illegal streaming sites is way too slow and does't load at all.

hahaha i know this is super old and you gs might have seen it but i just randomly found it again today and i thought i would share it

i still can't think of any new category for the game

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