Friday, January 24, 2014

the secret of the goat!

Hey gs!!!!

Bleh Gob hecked up again he didn't post

Also I'm so cold this is so rusty!!!!!!

Well I knew there are some pics of PeterMJ with Peter wearing his suit but not his mask like I knew there was that one and there is also the sleppies one plus there's the sweaties one but he's also wearing a sweatie in that one so maybe it doesn't count but yeah the point is they're not kissing an any of those so I still didn't know what he was talking about a pic still doesn't exist that was drawn by me that is like that.  SO I was not wrong and dumb only Gob was wrong and dumb.  And also you if you didn't know about those other piccies

No I can't read a summary bc people don't summarize things in the way I need them to be summarized also I just want to read it that's just what I want to do.  Also it only takes not that long to read I mean

Yeah remember when you told me that you were gonna pay me to draw a thing I said how much and you and mo were like wow you can't know how much until after you draw it and then she tells you how much she thinks it's worth doi

Snow is so rusty

Oh okay.  Are you gonna dye your hair you should post a pic if you do or I guess if you did it already I wanna see

Yeah I was remember you were sick and your light wasn't working and I was bringing you some seven up and dad was there and he was like do you want me to fix your light though I didn't stick around to see if he actually did the dang thing so I guess he didn't

But what even is superhero mashers or is it mashes

You probably have a good reason for oiling up those babies but icr what it is either

Well I didn't not want to take one for the team bc I don't like to fail my classes really if I can help it

Okay well maybe we will watch Moulin Rouge tonight

Wow we're still talking about that night that was like last weekend

You should have sang this song to the guy: Motormouth! That's your name!!! Motormouth!!! You're insane!!! Chatter chatter chatter chatter box! Chatter chatter chatter chatter box! Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum

Yeah but I'm not the one who killed the game just saying

Tyt about my picces.  Wow that's crazy that the first one is your fave bc that was my least fave

Nice poems!!!! They are so beautiful!!!!

Idk maybe you could read that stuff I'm not sure.  Tbh I can't remember if they are good or not

Nice lil day except for the things that were not nice in it

I could really go for spring tbh

What was the trailer??? Today I heard that my guy is testing for the role of Johnny Storm this week that really excited my sugars.

That sounds really small icqcme to see that pic!!!!!

Aaaaah a new trailer for the TASM 2 video game that is actually a trailer!!!!!!

Icqcme it looks really awesome!!!!!!!!!!  Probably it will be coming out before the movie but I'm not gonna play it before then bc I mean the first game kind of spoils the first movie for you so I don't want that to happen to me also I will still be in school and it's hard to play a video game while you're in school imo. At least for me

So even though he's hunting down Uncle Ben's killer in this game I think I mean that's cool but I hope that nothing like that happens in the movies again bc I liked how in the first movie he just never found him that was great.  But it's fine for a game.

The only thing though is I heard they're gonna change the webslinging from how it was in the first game to make it more manual and probably most people like that but I am worried because I suck at video games so for me I liked how in the first game it was super easy bc you could just go wherever the heckie you wanted just by going there but whatever I'll figure it out eventually I guess

Hmmm what else is there to say???

No pics today bc it's been a busy week sorry

Well I still have two and a half hours maybe I'll think of something later who knows

Dang I thought of something but then I forgot it. Wait why is Gob posting tho???  Well whatevs.

Oh he just posted.  Okay I will respond to his post.

Yeah I know Scarlett Johansson is in that dang movie.

Tyt about my pics.

Dang why were so many of your classes cancelled??  We had a dang blizzard this week and I didn't have any classes cancelled bleh.

That's so rusty about your internet.

Interesting video g.

Okay that's all.

That's all for this post also have a nice day!!!

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