Sunday, January 5, 2014

snowed in

heyy gs.

i don't really know anything about the comic that gaurdians of the galaxy is based on so idk wether i'm interested in it or not really though that's cool that chris pratt who i know from the show parks and recreation is in it.  haha and the raccoon guy looks cute.

wow marvel is going to be putting out star wars comics now instead of dark horse...i guess i wouldn't really mind that too much if it wasn't marvel was replacing dark horse because dark horse has had this huge history and experience with star wars and i really love a lot of the comics dark horse had put out.  i wonder if marvel will continue with any of the characters from the the dark horse comics or not.

ahh these are hard games for me to play because i haven't actively been liking/disliking ships and because i haven't read any comics that came out in 2013...

fave tv shows of 2013:
-breaking bad
-house of cards
-orange is the new black
-les revenants (the returned)
-downton abbey (though we still haven't finished watch the season)
-comedians in cars getting coffee

unfave tv shows of 2013:
-arrested development (maybe i should give it another chance but it just wasn't going for me)
-dexter (really bad ending to the show)

oops i need to post this real quick before midnight.  this wasn't the greatest post but i'll make up for it in my next one.

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