Monday, January 6, 2014

come dwnstrs

Hey gs!!!

Tbh I only know a little bit about Guardians of the Galaxy but its enough to know that if you call Rocket Raccoon cute he'll probably kill you.

Haha I heard that about Star Wars comics and I wondered hmm I wonder how Gob feels about this.  I guess now we know

Okay well I didn't really watch that many tv shows last year but I will try.....

*Agents of SHIELD????
*Ultimate Spider-Man?????
*Um....Sleepy Hollow??? Tho I've only seen a few eps still

I Saw Peter Kissing Santa Claus

MJ woke up in the middle of the night. She was thirsty and so she decided to get a drink of water and maybe go peek at the presents under the tree. Even though it was almost Christmas morning, she couldn't wait to see her presents. There was one red box that looked like a baby.

Then MJ noticed that Peter was out of bed too. He must not have been able to wait for his presents either.

MJ thought that she would surprise Peter. Maybe even sneak up behind him and swing him on his small tumtum. That always made Peter blue.

MJ crept smallily down the stairs and into the living room. There was the tree, with its beautiful lights, and the presents, heaped up beautifuly, and the mistletoe hanging from the ceiling, and Peter. Kissing someone.

MJ was so angry, she picked up a gwen from a table and threw it cutely in bed.

They both looked around.

"Peter, you cutie goose!" MJ yelled. "How could you cheat on me with...with..." MJ looked and then rubbed her hair and looked again. It was Santa Claus.

"Let me explain," Peter said. "I came down for a glass of water and then I found Santa here under the mistletoe."

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" Santa said. "So of course he had to give me a kiss. And what a good kiss it was."

"Well, I suppose," MJ said teensyily. "If he was under the mistletoe."

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" Santa said. "Why don't you give me a kiss too? Then things will be little."

That seemed reasonable. MJ went over under the mistletoe and kissed Santa.

Santa was the best kisser ever, like a little wolverine. He made MJ's forehead feel all teensy. 

"You see?" Peter said spiderily and MJ saw. So they had a threeway.

Everybody's presents were late.


Doi Hob X-Men: First Class and Amazing Spider-Man

Oh okay I will tell you the people in Guardians of the Galaxy
*Drax the Destroyer
*Rocket Racoon

Nice day.  Wait nooooo burying ppl alive that makes me sad it makes me think of Kraven's Last Hunt and PeterMj!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO

Is Noah coming 2 save us or

Aw g well the good news is I'm almost sort not quite caught up with Superior Spider-Man so.  Though I have shed a lot of tears and  no one has thrown it in the dirt for me

Yeah this winter is so rusty

Haha I was going to say my least fav comics and that was going to be on it but then I didn't want to

Okay here's my ships

*Peter/MJ (Marvel)
*Peter/Johnny (Marvel)
*Gwen/MJ (Marvel)

Idk it's hard to think of ships.  Those are all Spider-Man related oop


Wow I just realized my fav ship list has one het ship, one slash ship, and one femslash ship!  Amazing!!!!

Okay well now we're gonna do.... Goblog posts

*whatever the title is


Okay well here's that pic....

Also I forgot that I drew this like....before finals

Okay here's a thing about my day:
*v cold
*posting on my PeterMJ blog
*playing Lego Marvel Superheroes
*eating a blt minus the t
*making din
*eating some brownies
*judging how white Noah is
*watching HIMYM and judging how white it is
*lazing around

Well that's all have a nice day!

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