Tuesday, January 14, 2014

catching up

heyy gs.

aw g i already failed in posting every 3 days in 2014...D:  i can't remember why but i just totally forgot to post that day.

hmm what is there to say in this post...

oh yeah i think i never really talked about that huge snow storm/super cold airs 2 weeks ago!  that was soo crazy!  and i got 2 days off of school because of it and apparently my school like never cancels for weather!  cm's school got the whole week off though...like i could understand like maybe 1 more day but why did they get the whole week off when like by wednesday the temperatures had gotten back into the 30s and it stopped snowing?

aw yeah, the most annoying one of my three suitemates moved out this semster!!! he was also the one who owned the speakers that were used to blare loud music so now those are gone which is nice!  he did also own the fridge and microwave so now those are gone too but inbd because i can get them myself for the suite or if i wanted just for my own room and not tell them i have them haha.  but yeah it's been a lot quieter in my dorm so far this semester which is nice.  idk if anyone new is going to move into there but i hope not.

okay what else...idk i've just been super busy with school and focusing on all that stuff at the moment so idk much to say really.

okay now time to do the game.

wow this is hard.  i can't remember what books i read in 2013...maybe i just didn't read a lot last year.  though i'm going to try to read a lot more this year especially now that i have a kindle.

favorite books:
-house of leaves (well in progress of reading it) - mark z. danielewski
-hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world - haruki marukami
-the rest is noise - alex ross

i feel like i've read more than just that but i seriously can't think of anything...

unfavorite books:
- i can't think of like any more books i read...idk

yeah i agree with para, this one is hard to think of for like just the last year and it's something i can look like, "oh which albums came out this year?" or something.  but i will try my best.

favorite characters:
-frank underwood (house of cards)
-idk, i don't have much time and i can't really think of any good other ones

unfavorite characters:

favorite cats:

favorite beautiful drawings of 2013:
well like all of them are really great and beautiful!  and if i don't put any on there that is just because i didn't have time to go through all of them and narrow them down to my favorites but here are a few of them
-this one of  mj and peter
-spider-man without his mask kissing mj
-peter taking a picture of mj
-sponge bob weird fishes song pic

and here's my new category for the game:

wow  i'm like running out of ideas for this game...

best games you played in 2013 (board games, card games, videogames, whatever)
-super mario galaxy 2
-magic the gathering
-kingdom builders

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