Monday, January 13, 2014

don't think he's teaching anymore

heyyyyyyyy gs

ok who can tell me why in like june 2012 we had noah posting on our blog for an entire month

bleh i miss para. espec since i didnt get to see her really for her last days. theres so much we didnt get to do like finish our shows or watch tasm again or go to target or make crepes make cards or pay para or other. tho we did some nice lil things we hadnt planned on like our petermj blog. i wonder when para will come here next

i wonder also why gob didnt post. maybe he got confused cuz my last post was posted frm paras account but i didnt say it was hob posting. tho it was pretty clear!!!!!!!

ok lets see

yea g para i would call that a stretch. i would say saving mr banks is less of a stretch so you may take cred for that

well yea  i have a friend who got engaged w/out even dating a person and ok thats one thing but theyve also.....never met irl and tbh i think thats the bigger problem. also they havent known each other a huge amount of time and also they live halfway across the world frm each other so yea. they just wish they were petermj prob

oh well yay for peter!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess now its ok that youre caught up on superior spider-man. ok peter being back is one step closer to petermj being back jus saying. ok will you tell me the cover to get or will i choose? ill get the most petermj one

oh haha i didnt kno peppernatasha was a ship i just made it up when i saw them on a date for a min. but thats glad to kno. i dont kno whats my best ship for natash. i dont kno what buckynat is like. also i guess i ship pepper/tony even tho she could do better

aw g i wanted to pay you for the pic but you never told me how much and then i forgot. i will at some point tho. but pls still tell me

bub youre really heckin up the game. why didnt you say you didnt care for it.

ok what we need on our goblog is a nice good gob post

who knew that breaking bald is the same guy as the man in twas the night? i suspected it but i didnt kno it until now

para did thor 2 come to morris yet

wow haha today i was watching the first ep of heroes and in that very first ep they reference x-men cuz hiro's like "i learned this from x-men # blah blah when kitty pryde time travels" so i guess that answers that. BUT does hiro kno that his friend d.l. is based on kitty pryde? does he even kno d.l.? does he even kno talent

bleh today was snoozing. remember when everyone was home all day. and now they aint. i basically did nothing. and i was a lil sick but not really. i predict the next 3 or 4 months will just suck on ice

ok ive never been done w anything as much as im done w this dummie winter. lets just have spring and summer already and then we could have so much good like
*not this really horrible cold all around
*not this sno thats bad to drive in
*para home soon
*the movies we want
*a nice cold drink on a hot day
*the fruits we want
*rainy day
*our good sho game of thrones
*more bugs for hawkeye to catch
*the peter we want
*a journey to dululu
*fewer ppl at the community center
*just a good time

thats what i want please.

speaking of hawkeye, she has mush for brains. today she climbed through my blinds three times just why. or she just attempted to some of those times

and peter petrelli has such mush for brains. what a dumb boy

ok his fav hobby is when someone is rushing around tryna do something important, to get right in their face and try telling them about how he can fly. hes like a dum little flying dog

well im playing the game

fav cats:

ok actually i cant think of a new category rn hmmmm

ok i got it fav beautiful drawings of 2013:

*sleppy petermj
*petermj booping their nosies
*petermj xmas sweaters
*peter and gwen kissin mj
*petermj where mj's knees have a good look to them
*mbj johnny and andrew garfield peter
*shiny black cat
*woc mj petermj
*the one for my bday
*hawkeye gone made w power
*messy thor made tomato sauce
*iron mans chest piece, wolverines claws, thors hair, hawkeyes costume, your mothers eyes, your brothers smile
*classy sock feet thor
*cyclops and our small cat
*failed thor battling a faceless person
*thor and wolverine playing chess while manhattan is destroyed by robots in the background
*spider-man uhhh ill just link to this one because i dont kno what to name it
*tony and peter on a date or something
*another great spider-man. this one's a classic
*deadpool working in a bakery

ok that was a disaster. i had to delete sum from the list cuz that was just ridiculous. well there we have it

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