Saturday, January 4, 2014

blue mommy

heyyyyyyyyyyy gs

para whats the movie on my list that i probs wpuldnt have watched if not for you? well theres one on my list that you prob wouldnt have watches if it wasnt for me so..........

nice lil thing about ya, g

yea i really liked that punishing yourself rule. too bad it never got did

ok i knew guardians of the galaxy is a marvel thing but idk what it is like what ppl are in that. maybe its ppl i havent met who knows

well i forgot that theres already one bald guy in breaking bald

tyt for saying those olives are cute!!

well i didnt say ALL the movies ive seen this year but i saw not v many this year so i can prob remember most of them. most years i keep a running list of all the movies ive seen but this year i didnt care to do that cuz i didnt care to make an effort to watch movies

yea i think its supposed to be a list of albums released in 2013. but you coulda changed it a lil prob to just be albums you listened to but maybe you didnt listen to many full albums in general idk.

wow thats a lotta things you still need to do w your g................too bad she has to work so dang much. wow im so angry that i have a 5 day break coming up and then one day of work and then another 3 day break well ok im not angry about that but im so angry that its right around when everyones goin back to their school and things. well i'll have a few days w my g but still please destroy this earth please. ok
*we can watch some things on tomorrow night maybe
*we can go to lunch on  maybe thurs if that works for you
*we can prob go to comic book store on that same day depending upon where we go to lunch
*idk g make those cards
*hmmm we should fig out what kinda crepes to make and then if we dont have the stuff we can make em on saturday or somethin

really cute and beautiful pic!!!!!!!!!!! i love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow one thing i really like of it is the colors but i also like everything

nice talkin about coms

aw g gob i dont have any suggestions of something you could do every day or week or month blah blah blah sorry.

wait idg what you mean by "now i'll be able to remember which days were 2013 or 2014 from whether there was snow or not!"

thats a nice pic that you took tho

ok i guess thats all i have to say to you

hmmm i should stay more stuff about my days in my posts cuz when i go back and read old posts, thats the stuff i most like to read about.

well today i had no work so i tried to do as little as possible. also it was my last day of no work until thurs bleh. well technically i dont have work on tues but i still have to work at the bookstore and then i have a dr. appointment until like 4 so thats like my whole day. also im so angry cuz on monday every school in the state is closed cuz its gonna be really cold like what the heck and so now i have to work extra hours i want to bury all children alive

para is reading superior spider-man and crying. this is no good

today i ate pizza and lasagna

ok someone steal that comic away from para and throw it in the dirt where it belongs

wow i keep getting really nostalgic for last summer like early july like what even was that a good time idk. do i even like winter anymore idk this winter has been trash so far

but i keep wishing its summer or maybe even spring

alright that should do it

and now the game

well i think i wont do that comics one since what even. ok i guess i'll say my unfav comic titles of 2013 (in no particular order)

*superior spider-man

now my fav albums released in 2013 (also in no particular order. and no pics bc lazy girl)

*the electric lady - janelle monae
*beyonce - beyonce (even tho i sadly havent listened to the whole thing yet)
*diseases of england - the indelicates
*yeezus - kanye west
*i got a boy - girls' generation
*trouble - natalia kills
*trouble will find me - the national

ok thats all i can think of

now i will do fav/unfav ships in 2013 (in no partic order)

*enjolras/grantaire (les mis)
*enjolras/combeferre (les mis)
*kaworu/shinji (evangelion)
*peter/mj (spider-man)
*irisviel/kiritsugu (fate/zero)
*juri/shiori (revolutionary girl utena)
*utena/anthy (revolutionary girl utena)
*mako/raleigh (pacific rim)


wow i wasnt necessarily doing just ones i started shipping (or anti-shipping) in 2013 but all those are ones i started in 2013. amazing

this list has no incest on it im appalled.


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