Wednesday, January 22, 2014


heyyyyyyyyy gs

jus startin my lil post before work

ok haha i guess there was a pic after all of petermj w peter wearing his suit but not mask but yea they are clearing booping their nosies in that. so we were all wrong and dum. except me

ok i guess i see what you're saying i guess but couldnt you read a summary of superior spider-man just but i guess if you think it will be worth it when you get to the end idk you do what you gotta do

well i thought you were saying tony is a worthless glug. like

i dont remember saying i would tell you how much

yea haha that was somethin when you fell on the driveway. the other day i fell two times walking down the driveway. i hate sno now. i used to love it but no longer

ok i bought some makeup and some hair dye and a beverage and stuff there you go

what you werent there when dad was going to change my bulb??? how could you kno this????? well we'll all be pleased to kno that last night i changed my bulb. it almost took more than one hob cuz i couldnt figure out how to get to cover thing off my fixture but then i got it

whenever i see a commercial for superhero mashes its like science has gone too far is what i think

doi g i'll only pour hot oil on yucky babies. tho i forget why im going to do that but

yea but you shouldnt have counted on those other ppl to fail latin, you shoulda taken charge of the situation and failed it yourself. haha talkblocking

noo i havent started the fic yet cuz i really dont kno where to start. i need help pls. and also to watch moulin rouge prob.

sorry for your glug night. when i saw that you had seen my chats a lil after i left i at first was like welp that aint my prob but then i felt bad but

oh is scarlett johansson in that movie i didnt kno. is she her?

well technically i hadnt just met that guy cuz i met him on one other time but still and also he was also talking to some other ppl that he just met as well but yeah still. he just has so many words to say

wow you are the one who wanted the game to be dead wtf

cool day i guess

nice piccies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man those are all so small and beuatiful. especially the petermj ones. tho wow you drew something not petermj im amazed. my fave is the first one wow pete's lil face. and also mj's happy lil face

ok gob's post didnt have a lot in it so again i dont really have any things to say to him :(

ok now im going to share some poems i created w refrigerator poetry magnets





wow. those poems really bring a tear to my lil eyes

speaking of that can i read your hob poem para? and your short stories just wonderin

ok well today was a day. i went to work at 3:30 but apparently they called me at like 8:30 am asking me if i could come in early but i didnt hear the message until like 1:00 and then i pretended not to have heard it cuz i did not wanna go in early. then i got home and i was about to die of my hunger and i thought there would be nothing to eat but there was chipotle waiting for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! so that was good and nice. then we learned that noahs school is cancelled for the third time cuz of cold tomorrow wow. well he already got a day added to his year so i guess there will be another so whatever. well now we're watching pacific rim.

ok who else wants spring to come along like theyve never wanted anything else to come along

a lil bit ago i saw a trailer for a movie w my guy in it and he hadnt a shirt in some of it and i was like oh boy yeah

oh also tonight there was a chipotle bag on the table and we in the family room heard a rustling and then we saw hawkeye in the bag lying down on the table w her little head peeking out. i snapped a pic but i'll put it in my next post. wow that was smaller than the smallest thing i ever seen

dylan smells bad

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