Thursday, January 16, 2014


heyyyyyyyyy gs

jus comin right atcha

yea i was also wondering what one was "spider-man without his mask kissing mj" cuz i assume thats all the ones where he kisses mj idk!!!!!! oh speaking of beatiful drawings i forgot to say one cuz it wasnt in the beautiful drawings tag but its gob's drawing of hagrid!!!!!!!!

oh yea haha tru noah's posts were a real treat to read. that was good thinking of us to have him do that.

yea that is not a normal situation at all. although i was watching the ep of the office yesterday where dwight and angela get engaged when theyre not even dating so bum. bum. bum another one bites the dust. ok maybe you havent seen that i dont kno. anyway the point is petermj. petermj is what bwings us together today. wait no. what were we saying? ok g you might wanna ask lauren about that. well dont ask her but like tactfully get some answers outta her

ok why did you need to be caught up on superior spider-man if you're not caught up on like the rest of the spider-man comics? alright heres what we're gonna do. im gonna get every variant cover for ya. what day does it even come out do we kno

doi i kno buckynat is bucky and natasha but i dont kno about it. that i have seen a lot of ppl shipping tho.

yea i guess you can ship a ship and only like one of the ppl. like how you ship sam/dean haha. ok g i thought you really liked tony so make up your gosh darn mind.

g i dont kno how much its worth to me!!!!!!!! its worth a lot but i dont kno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha its like now we truly kno why the parents in twas the night did not want their children hanging out w that uncle!!!!!!

aw g that sucks on ice about thor. at least you got to see it once do you remember that time

yea squares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow i want that for us so much i cant even tell yu. bleh we could not even play that rn if we wanted to cuz sno has been covering our street since pm like the first time it snowed bleh sno sucks on ice

but yea we'll have to start all fresh over w our squares skills darn it

thats crazy about that g from heroes being in agents of shield

well i hope coulson dies for good

yea that guy saying peter is not coming back is dum as sticks. like my first thought was that the new amazings would be out of continuity blah blahs but that was a logical conclusion for me to draw cuz all i knew was that the amazing spidermans you just got were like that so i thought maybe but now i do not think that.

yea thats a really good list of things for petermj to do before those kids get back at it. i hope they will agree to those terms

i dont kno either what an infinite comic is so i cant tell you

nice comic thoughts. yucky superior

yea doi our gob is gonna fight in the goblin war

aw gob i cant really imagine just completely forgetting to post but i guess thats somethin that could happen to a guy. and did. oh well. you were bound to miss a post eventually so it might as well have happened already

yea thats dumb for cms school to get a whole week off and that sounds like when the schools here got two days off cuz it was really cold and ok maybe the one day it was fine but the second day it was like not even below zero so?

nice job getting rid of one of your suitemates!!! jk. but one down, two to go!!

ok i dont kno why you gs are so bad at remembering stuff from your year. tho i was able to remember all my books read cuz i keep track of that on goodreads

wow i had a crazy dream last night. ok no not last night but the night before. it was like there were all these dif things that could cause technology to not work like there were some cds and some milk or something and some other stuff and i think there was an evil lady who was responsible for this and anyway me and para figured out how to destroy all this stuff i think and para gathered all the things in our guest room and then she did the secret thing that we figured out and then me and some other people went in there and para was gone and it looked like there had been like an explosion in there kinda and one of the walls had a giant dent in it and there was a giant picture of the fantastic four on the wall haha. i think it was like the wallpaper had come off and there was a picture of the fantastic four behind it. but that wall was also a tv screen i guess cuz then a guy came on it in front of the fantastic four and he said to us all that para was gone but we would see her again in the sequel movie and then i was really excited for that movie


today i went to a dr. appointment and then i went to walgreens and accidentally spent basically all the cash i had then the car wouldnt let me put the key in it for a few mins but then it worked idek and then i came home and bopped to the top and then ate fajitas and then watched spongebob and wrote my post

ok several days ago the light in my room went out and first i was too lazy to change it and then i was too sick to change it and now im back to being too lazy to change it. maybe tomorrow. that darkness is really inconvenient tho

do you ever use your phone as a flashlight

para do you want superhero mashers. i think science has gone too far

ok mom is watching behind the scenes of sherlock. if steven moffat shows up in this im out of here. or whats his face or bibbity claustrophobic

wow mom said none of those guys would be in this yet here they are. well im too lazy to be out of here but i want to toss my cookies

ok the game

the game the game the game the game the game

fav dogs of 2013:
*a lil wolverine
*the dogs

fav games played in 2013:
*settles of catan

fav babies of 2013:

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