Friday, January 10, 2014


Hey gs!!!!

It's me again!!!!

Oh Hob I forgot that I meant that the other movie you prob wouldn't have watched if not for me was Thor 2.

Yeah tbh I'm not very famil w those Guardians of the Galaxy either I know know a little bit about them

Yeah me being catched up on Superior Spider-Man will be good bc then I won't have to read so many dang comics of them at once and then I can read the new comics and then when Pete comes back I will be prepared for him!

Tyt about my ships and my pics and my day

Wow wtf is that lil girl maybe she robbed a bank or something

That's p crazy about those eps. Wow that reminds me of when I was reading the comics where Peter and MJ get engaged and it was like they got engaged when they weren't even dating and I thought that was weird and then I watched the HIMYM ep where Barney and Robin get engaged and they also got engaged when they weren't even dating and I was like wow ok.

Okay let me play the game and then I'll write the rest of the post

fav songs:
*Need/Getting-OK Go
*Bleh I Don't Want to Post
*Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Break Beats-Los Campesinos!

Well that's all I got of those bc most of the others I don't feel like saying

unfav songs:
*Blurred Lines

fav months:

unfav months:

Bleh I can't think of another thing for the game this is too hard.  Also it's so hard to think of what the fav and unfav things are last year was like a blur to me how can you people even remember this stuff

Okay I'll just do characters tho that's hard

fav characters:
*Peter Parker!!!!
*Mary Jane Watson!!!!
*Um Johnny Storm?
*Thor I guess
*Probably Felicia too

unfav characters:
*Doc Ock

Okay well as predicted Amazing Spider-Man will be back in April.  Though it's kind of annoying to me because they're starting the numbering over from number one instead of doing like 701 and stuff. Idk why they do that it doesn't make it easier it just makes it more confusing!!!  Also Dan Slott will still be writing it bleh. I assume this means Peter will be back but I mean that's not confirmed.  Idk both the people saying that just bc ASM is back that means Peter is back and the people who are denying it are annoying me so idk what to tell you.  It's pretty clear he will be back but this still doesn't confirm anything is I guess what I'm saying. Oh also it's still going to be drawn by Ramos which I mean I don't hate his art but I don't really like it either idk I just want something different. You'd think of all the amazing artists at Marvel they could get one of them to draw this instead of Ramos but whatever.

Well okay I will say that I guess in one way it could be a good thing that Slott is writing this bc I mean it would really piss me off if he did this whole Superior thing and then didn't even have plans for like the fallout when it was over.  I had to sit through this year plus of crap I at least want it to pay off in an interesting way I guess.  Though both Matt Fraction and Peter David were rumored to be picking up the book after Slott both of whom I would MUCH prefer like wow wow wow actually either of them would probably be my top choice.

Anyway the important thing to remember is that this most likely means Peter is coming back so someone probably needs to buy me this comic while I'm at school.

Here's a thing about my day yesterday.  It was good day. My g and I went out to lunch at Keys and I had a a hot turkey sandwich and some pie and then we went to the comic book store but Hob couldn't find the a thing she wanted so went to the book store but still no dice and then we went home and then Abby came over and we played cooking mama and then we watched some stuff and then we watched The Wolverine but we didn't finish it.

Here's a thing about today.  We finished watching The Wolverine and then Abby left and then I took a shower and then I wrote this post and soon we will go out to dinner.

Okay Hob here's the PeterMJ pic I drew for you.  You owe me 325983209 dollars

Okay that's it I guess.  Have a nice day!

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