Tuesday, January 28, 2014

not that lazy but also not that productive tuesday

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

please listen to this while reading this post. it's pretty important

bleh im at the bookstore and i was hoping it would be closed today but no. it keeps getting closed on monday but then being open on tues even if its just as cold. oh well. im guessing no customers will come today. not that it really matters. but then what are we doin here. whats the point of it all

haha para i guess taking early classes in hopes that they'll be canceled paid off!!!

doi g gob is gonna dissolve your lifeless body to dispose of the thing?

ok yea im here for going to comic con. ok who's gonna take charge and make sure it actually happens

wow ok a customer came in literally the minute we opened

i thought you already gave gob those coms. maybe im thinking of you giving them to me

ok well i will not be the one to think up the game

no g im never wrong and dumb doi wow you are wrong and dumb for saying that

wowwww yea that day of work on sunday was like the worst day of my life and its all that Guy Who Never Does Anything's fault. burn him alive

ok thats comforting to think about mj dying her hair red and being the most beautiful creature haha

yea those mashes remind me of when you were mashing up your spider-man lego and science was goin too far so. what is superskrull

yea never have i ever heard of that movie before i saw that trailer. it looks wrong and dum. oh ok i thought he was confirmed for playing johnny but i guess he jusy confirmed to be testing for that or whatever. yea they better get their act together if they wanna be in 2015. they better get those fantastic four together even.

ok but you still have free time at school? like basically every night when you're like im bored? also at the end of your post you said you were gonna go play your video game???

aw g we'll probably never get the answers we want about noah's blog

ok g just order that dress + all the other marvelous things

im going to indiana because..........i....................want to. wait who is tryna be outta town during your spring break? i guess dad is gonna be outta here for part of it idk. well i will be here at least!!! i hope i dont have to work that much. well i'll prob have to work a lot during noah's spring break but luckily it aint the same week as yours so maybe we will be good

aw g idk if mom deleted the movie or not but sorry for watching it w/out yu. yea it was really transphobic too bleh. haha the fantastic four musical was in arrested development. well i think it was a musical anyway? maybe it was just a play but i think musical. yea g the girl the noah always reblogs pics of i saw at the party

omg the aunt-may url!!!!!!!!!! are you gonna use it???

nice day

nice comic thoughts. wow that doesnt surprise me that petermj got us into a mess. thats all i have to say

no g i cant say ive seen that new pic of quicksilver in dofp. or any pic of quicksilver in dofp

aw g i thought it was a lil mean of us to use your email to order our pizza but. well we got what we deserved cuz we wanted ot check on it but we didnt have the email haha. wow that ordering pizza was a disaster cuz i accidentally said we wanted to pick up the thing so then they didnt deliver it and then mom finally called and she had to say it was for hawkeye jack tho apparently they first asked if it was for jack hawkeye haha. then they supposedly said they were gonna warm it back up cuz it wasnt wamr bleh. but they didnt and i was so much dying of hunger and then we had to warm it right up and then we had only ordered one pizza and we finished it all up except for one lil mushroom piece and then i was still hungry

nice vid!!!

omg thats so crazy about huck finn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but have you taken the time to think about peter having to read that book????? or just reading it in general???????????????????????????

omgggggggggg nice pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just cant stop looking at it its so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please god help me

nice ships thing!!! ive kept meaning to do that again but i havent yet cuz idk. but haha i like how we've done that thing like 3 times or

anyway i like all your ship choices tbh. except i never heard of loki/tony i think but that sound a mess. also i dont actually kno anything about peter/johnny. or johnny even. i kno my guy is bout to test for playing him so thats something. also i didnt kno that felicia is bisexual. she seems like a pretty cool cat. and i am feeling that mj/felicia now

ok im gonna do that ship thing but im gonna save it for my next post cuz i still havent decided if i wanna do marvel ships or just all my ships

wow i almost forgot to reply to gob's post. i guess cuz im used to responding to him first. tbh i liked the order from last year better ive realized but o well

aw g but you might have to chop up para's body to fit it in the container and i dont think she'd like that

haha really inbd probably that im gonna dye my hair cuz ive done it a few times before. altho one time was basically not noticable and the other time only a little bit. and this time we have no idea. haha i think i remember seth having his red hair

well i should hope i will get to see miriam when im there since thats the reason im going!!!! haha jk. or am i

oh yeah i was gonna say that if comic con doesnt work out, maybe you could come here for some of the time when our parents are gonna be on a trip this summer like you did a few years ago idk.

aw g i wish i had sum indian food rn.


today in my day i hmmmmm well i alreayd said about this morning i guess. bleh more than one person came in that store what even. well i was dying of hunger and i basically spent my whole time of my shift tryna figure out a way to get some food in me cuz i havent any money but i was a failure. then i got home and ate some potstickers which i didnt that much want but. also i sat next to space heater cuz it was freezing in that bookstore and i was a frozen pea. and i watched food network and then i had a cookie and then bopped around and then mom made me have a snack and i had some chips and salsa and i found out that this chipotle salsa that we've been getting for probably years is really delicious. i guess ive never had it. then watched chopped and bopped around and found a bunch of good recipes to make. then ate my dinner and then write post. ok why did i say all that. oh well

haha yesterday i photshopped something for mom and when i was almost done she said she's gonna do my kitty litter turn in exchange for my work. she didnt do noah's kitty litter turn when he photoshopped a thing for her so hmmmmmmm who's better at photoshop now. actually im not the one who noah said he's better at photoshop than but

omg i almost forgot to say wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ok i guess maybe vague spoilers for game of thrones below:

ok there was this teensy promo thing the other day and omggggggggggggggggggggggggg there was a clip of jaime and cersei kissing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! w their mouths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats literally so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also everyone thinks thats from the altar sex scene and i dont kno that it necessarily is but if it is wow honestly there are few things i care about more than i care about that scene and im p glad to kno that there are others in our world who feel the same way. anyway icqcme for this season idec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow is it march/april yet like i just wanna go on my dang trip and also then when i get back there will only be like 3 days until game of thrones!!!!!!!!!!

thats my little post

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