Wednesday, January 1, 2014

oh boy yeah

heyyyyyyyyyy gs

and heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 2014!!!!

its cold over here

ok im jus gonna say a lil thing about me cuz i think we usually do that in a first post

well i am hobbit and im small like a lil hobbit. i like


ok that should be good

now im gonna reiterate the rules and stuff for this year

ok we are takin turns posting every day and i guess theres no punishments i guess and the order is hob and then gob and then para. and we'll try to have our games. thats the stuff

already now responding to stuff

yeah para i'll also make some great posties when i have a new comp i guess. but ive been using a comp for my posties so???? are you saying my posties have sucked wow

wait let me say the movies i wanna see in 2014:

*captain america: the winter soldier
*the amazing spider-man 2
*x-men: days of future past

thats all lol. well i dont really know whats guardians of the galaxy but maybe

aw g breaking bald is really good idk. like i kept putting off watching it bc i thought it would be hard to get into but after 2 episodes im already p into it. tho theres no bald yet so we'll see

nice pics of food. except that olives one. just......the olives are not looking their best in that...........................

ok nice 3 posts gob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha icqcml how you were like "i only ended up seeing a few of these movies" but then you only saw one. wow i saw one of the ones that was on your list and wasnt even one my list. it was pacific rim. but yeah i also saw several movies that werent on my list but

nice prezzies!!! haha thats funny that both you and para got tea for xmas. also nice kindle!! i have ads on my kindle but they're when i first turn it on so that doesnt bother me

ok im going to blame miriam for why you havent been posting

haha idk why that spider-man book was in the thing that said inspirational but that was the joke.

oh cool ive read a few books by haruki murakami and i really like him. i havent read that one that you're reading tho but i wanna

oh yeah i was going to say about the game that yeah you dont have to say both favs and unfavs. you can say one or both like sometimes it might make sense to do just one of them but sometimes both so yeah

that small cat!!

hahaha thats a lot of gobs!!!!!!!!!!!

that acorn squash thing looks so yummy

ok thats all the responding i think

wow i got jalapeno hands so i put vinegar on them and it made it a lil better but not really but then they suddenly got completely better a lil while after that

haha noahs goin back to school tomorrow

alright im jus gonna play that game. oh one more thing about it is when you think up a category you might wanna explain it a lil bit like if you're doing "fav/unfav movies of 2013" for example, you might wanna specify whether its like only movies released in 2013 or movies you saw in general or just ones you saw for the first time or what. and i guess you can change it up if you're not the person who thought up the category and you want to do it slightly different

ok i will do fav/unfav movies of 2013!!! haha. and it will be movies seen for the first time. also theyre jus gonna be in the order in which i saw them

*the end of evangelion
*pacific rim
*fruitvale station
*evangelion 3.0: you can (not) redo
*x-men: first class
*thor: the dark world
*the amazing spider-man
*saving mr. banks

*star trek: into darkness


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