Sunday, January 12, 2014

the coming of the goat

Hey gs!!!


Well now I am back at school bum bum bum

Molly is still not here yet I wonder when she will get back

Haha well I guess you probs wouldn't have watched Saving Mr. Banks if not for me either but I didn't think of that.   Well I was thinking that you wouldn't have watched Thor if not for me and if you hadn't watched Thor you wouldn't have watched Thor 2 idk maybe that is a stretch

Well I have never heard of that before who do you know that got engaged idgi really.  My advice is don't do that unless you are PeterMJ.

Yeah actually it was just confirmed that Peter will in fact be back.  I guess bc it was p obvious they just decided to announce it. Ps when you buy me that comic try to buy me one with a variant cover if you can bc so far they are so much better than the Ramos cover wow

Aw g those were some great days that we had I'm sad that they are gone

Aw yeah PepperNatasha is a great ship it's probably the best ship for Natasha in the MCU I don't really care for her and Clint together.  Maybe in Cap 2 there will be some good BuckyNat tho

Tyt about my pic but you never paid me for it js

Okay time for the game

fav books:
*Do comic books count????
*I didn't read any books that were not for school...........

unfav books:

fav cats:

I don't care for this game really.

Okay here's what happened in my day.  I did some packing and then I had leftover pad thai for lunch and also some broccoli slaw salad and then I chilled a lil bit and then I went to Trader Joe's and then I drove to Morris and we stopped on the way for dinner at Subway and then we got to Morris and I had to carry all my lots of stuff up the stairs and now I am here and I'm writing this post.

Except now I am done bc idk what else to say so have a nice day!!!

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