Sunday, January 26, 2014

lazy but also productive sunday

heyy gs!!

sorry i accidentally posted on the wrong day!  i was thinking my day to post was friday and not thursday.  oh well though, to be honest that post could have just as well been written on thursday and it wouldn't have been to much different though.

haha nah g, i wouldn't try to dissolve para's lifeless body in my bathtub!  i would do it in some kind of plastic container.  jj i wouldn't do it at all!

wow that's cool that you're going to dye your hair hob!  haha i remember i think like when seth was in middle school and he dyed his hair.

that tasm2 video game trailer actually looks pretty cool!  and i would be able to play it since it is coming out for the pc.  idk if my laptop is powerful enough to play it though.  i haven't really played many videogames on here.

my classes were canceled because a ton of people (mostly music education people) were going to this music conference thing thursday and friday.

haha that picture of hawkweye is so cute!

yeah i'm excited for spring and for you to visit in march too hob!!!  idk how busy i will be during the week while you are still here after the music festival but hopefully i won't be too busy with school stuff so we can still do stuff when i'm not in class.  also like my mom said one day we'll go down to bloomington so you can see miriam and nathan and kasandra!

wow i wonder if we could do something this summer though like if i could come up there to minnesota or if you gs could come down here to indiana or something.  or we could go to comic con!

okay so today i decided i want to try reading the spider-man comic book series like from the very beginning but right now i only have the black and white essential amazing spider-man books of the early comics and idk, i kinda want to read them in color so maybe i'll try to find somewhere to download them/

wow there's only one week of january left.  we need to think of a good game for feburary soon.

yumm we had indian food for dinner tonight at this new indian restaurant that opened up here and it was soooo good!  i wish i had some more of it right now.

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