Wednesday, January 15, 2014

and then came goat!

Hey gs!!!!

Yeah Gob you are a failure.

Wtf you had school two weeks ago?  Well this is my first week of school so I haven't had any days off yet tho there's supposed to be a blizzard on Thursday so maybe

That's goos about your suitemate I guess.

Gob I don't know what you mean by "spider-man without his mask kissing mj" in your list of fave beautiful drawings I mean you'd think that would be a lot of dif pics but I can't actually find one matching that description could you try to tell me which one you mean??? This is for science

Haha Hob well obviously the reason we had Noah posting for a month in June 2012 is bc we knew those posts would be GOLD to read in the future I mean I just read of few of them and they are hilarious!!!!
omg this is my favorite one that pic of the action figure wow when I looked at that picture I couldn't qcml.  Also this one is a classic.

Okay well that is super weird that doesn't sound like a normal situation to me so I would say that is just another one of those weird occurrences and not proof that that is a normal thing to do.  Although...tbh I got engaged to Lauren when we weren't even dating but I'm pretty sure???? That we're not actually planning to get married???? But I can't be sure????

Yes now I just need to stay caught up on Superior Spider-Man until Peter comes back.  Good news I already read the one that came out today so I am doing great. Um well actually I'm not sure which variant cover I want.  Well idk what they will have when you go.  There are already like four variant covers or something and I think there will probably be more.  There is one so far that has MJ on it (drawn by Alex Ross) and I would be fine if you got me that one but idk if they will have it or what.

Well okay tbh I don't know a lot of people that ship PepperNatasha those also tbh I never cared to look.   BuckyNat is obviously the ship of Bucky and Natasha.  It looks p cute to me from what I have seen in the comics but idk that much about it also idk if it will be in the movie or what that will be like all I know is that Natasha is going to be a lot in Cap 2 and also obviously Bucky will doi bc he is Winter Soldier so maybe they will have a lil love connection or something.

Yeah Pepper is way too good for Tony but I still ship it a lot!!! I mean doi I made a fanmix about it but just in case you were unsure.  But sometimes a ship can still be good even if you only like one of the ppl in the ship like Thor/Loki is still good even tho Loki is yucky.  Though obviously the best ships are the ones where you love both of the people that's why PeterMJ is the best ship ever bc they are both so small

Wait but when I asked how much you would give me for drawing it you said that after I drew it you would look at it and tell me how much you thought it was worth.  So???? How much is it worth to you????

Well I didn't say I didn't care for it bc it was okay at first I guess and everyone else seemed to be excited about it idk.

WOW I didn't not know that about the Breaking Bald guy wwow that blows my mind!!!!!

Idk if Thor 2 ever came to Morris or if they just decided not to show it but it's not on the website anymore :(

Wow that makes me want to rewatch all of Heroes to see all the other Marvel references that I didn't get before but also I do not want to do that.

Yeah same let's have spring and summer but you forgot a v important thing on your list called SQUARES!!!  Dang I miss playing squares so dang much when spring comes we are going to play that dang game but we are going to be way out of practice bum bum bum

haha dumb litlte flying dog icqcml.  But yeah that is him.

Okay time for the game

fav beautiful drawings:
*Kanye West in Hob's jammies
*Spider-Man as a magic girl
*Hei killing Amber
*Hob's dream

best games I played in 2013:
*Lego Marvel Superheroes
*Amazing Spider-Man video game
*Cooking Mama

fav dogs:
*a little Wolverine
*Pizza dog

Wow here's an amazing thing called I was watching Agents of SHIElD last night and okay you know that woman that was in that Heroes ep we just watched who was like the psychologist or whatever that was helping Sylar?  Well that same woman was in the Agents of SHIELD episode!!!!  Crazy day!!!!!!

Wow iqcqme for the next episode.  I am all caught up now and the last few episodes have been really good!!!  I really like Skye a lot and I am really curious why she was an 084.  I hope she secretly has superpowers or something that would definitely make me like her even more bc I'm really dumb about ppl with superpowers like that. Though one thing is that is a little disappointing is that it seemed like it was going to be something really unexpected that happened to Coulson to bring him back but the only thing was that he was dead for like days and did a bunch of surgery on him and then they just created those memories of Tahiti to save him from having to remember that.  I was really hoping Coulson was secretly a LMD and the real Coulson was actually dead.  Bum bum bum. Anyway that's cool how Stan Lee's going to be in the next episode though it's not really that unexpected I mean he's in a ton of episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man you'd think he would also want to be in this show.

Wow so on comicvine there's a video about how Peter could possibly be coming back and they guy was saying that maybe Amazing Spider-Man is just going to be an out of continuity series and Peter's not really coming back at all since Slott said there would be a twist and maybe that is the twist but tbh that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard because for one thing you wouldn't call it ALL-NEW Marvel NOW if it was a flashback series.  Also it's really clear that Superior Spider-Man is ending soon so there's no point in doing that anyway.  Also Slott has talked about Peter coming back in interviews and it was really really clear that this all takes place after Superior since he was talking about Peter having to deal with Ock hecking up his life and stuff so.  Wow you'd think if you're gonna make videos on a website like that you'd put more thought into what you say and actually do a bit of research but I guess that guy's just dumb as sticks.

Wait okay speaking of Peter coming back I was thinking about that and also PeterMJ and I thought of some things that need to happen before PeterMJ get back together
*Okay first of all Peter needs to get his shit together bc his life is a mess and he's not dragging MJ down with him no way
*Peter should smooch some more guys yes he has kissed some guys in the past but he should smooch them romantically and yeah
*Also MJ should smooch some ladies probably
*I think Aunt May should die....because.... she's old.....and she's going to die eventually and when she does....we're not having a repeat performance of OMD okay we're just not doing it those kids just need to accept that old people die

Okay so there we go just four simple things we just need to check them off one by one and then we're good to go

Wow so I'm kind of confused about this but apparently there's also going to be a new Spider-Man infinite comic thing coming out in April???  Is this in addition to ASM I'm not sure I don't even really know what an infinite comic thing is but I know you can buy them on comixology so I assume I will be able to read it... But okay I am still kind of excited about it bc the summary of it mentions Peter losing all his memories and....I just really like amnesia stories. Though I'm kind of confused whether this is like the result of whatever's going to happen at the end of Superior Spider-Man I mean it kind of seems like that's the case but idk.

Okay well now we're going to have Let's talk about comics time and guess what comic we're going to talk about.

Superior Spider-Man #25
*I hate everything
*This is an extra long issue who asked for this????
*"Superior Venom" sounds so stupid
*Why are Thor, Cap, Spider-Woman, Black Widow, and Wolverine the only Avengers that ever come to deal with Spider-Man?  Are they the only ones who care enough or are they just that bored????
*Well Spider-Man doesn't even need to sense Thor's attack when he announces it like that wtf
*Poor Carlie omg I'm so mad
*I am starting to doubt that the Green Goblin's really Norman but who else could it be?
*How come Cap was like attention all available Avengers and Tony was the only one who answered???  Was he really the only available one or does he just love Cap the most? My bet's on the latter
*"A secret identity's like toothpaste."
*That's so weird that Tony's talking about Civil War stuff but he still doesn't remember that Spider-Man's secret identity
*Wow Wolverine still doesn't have his healing factor okay
*Why didn't people try to destroy those robots before if they're so easy to just smash like that?
*I can't tell any of these dang goblins apart
*You'd thing Thor would be able to beat Venom though like yooo that doesn't seem right
*Ghost Peter though!!!!!!!!!
*So all the other times Ock has just been it's like he's saying that his normal actions need to be explained by saying he was being controlled by the symbiote I guess. okay well he should realize that if you need to make those kind of excuses you are probably not a good person wow
*Noooo MJ you should not forgive him nooooo don't believe that slime ball wow PLEASE tell me MJ is just playing him please tell me this is a trick and she's planning something please no no no nonononononon
*Okay so bc Spider-Man erased the test results they need to bring him in or what
*Does this mean Spider-Man's not an Avenger anymore?

But the real question is is our Gob going to fight in the Goblin War?

Welp that's all have a nice day!!!!

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