Wednesday, January 8, 2014

just the game because i have to post really quickly

heyyy gs.

oops last post kinda sucked and now i have to start this post really late so this post is going to suck too but at least i'm posting.

fave songs:
-my only swerving - el ten eleven
-pound for pound - the bad plus
-PopplagiĆ° - sigur ros
-pound for pound - the bad plus
-bathed in grey - king krule

unfave songs:
-blurred lines - robin thicke
-idk what song it is but whatever one my suitemate played sooooo many times off of drake's new album

fave posts:
-the one post we did at tg together where we did all those great pics with para's webcam
-i'll come up with some more later

fave months of 2013:

unfave months:

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