Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the shape of this chicken

heyyyyy gs

crazy day today. because spn and also it's fma day/a good day to burn down your house!!!!!

well okay yesterday i read some spn spoilers and they actually sounded kinda interesting. except they also were pretty vague so who knows what they actually mean

well too bad today is wednesday because i can't even enjoy any of these things really. also i want to die because last night i watched this crazy ep of a show im watching and wow who could care about life after that

also my good friend is about to start watching fma!!!!! crazy crazy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

icqcme for soon when para will be a comin to town!!!!

bleh next week will be the worst week ever though

wow that ep

bleh i forgot to set spn to recrod

i guess i'll have to download it

 i guess it will probably be t onight except idk i have to do so much homework tonight


that's us

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