Thursday, October 11, 2012

the chicken

heyyyy gs

well i havent watched spn but wow how will i even make myself watch that. like this is a reason why i wish i could watch it when it's on blehhhhhhhh that sounds like the dumbest episode i've ever heard of.

ok wow i feel like at this point, every thing that happens on the show involving cas, especially destiel stuff, is fanservice because i'm pretty sure he was supposed to be a goner in s7 and now he's back for good i guess and there's apparently more destiel stuff than ever (and apparently it's canon now!!!!! wow did you know that a hug means a ship is canon!!!!!!!!!!!! that is great news for sam/dean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and i just heard that the ratings for the last ep were the best they've been in two years so yeah. and idk it's just weird to me that people are so excited about dumb stuff that's only added in their for the fans' benefit and wow i just could not be bothered to care about a single thing i've heard about from that ep. like i already didnt care that much but bleh.

well anway

icqcme for tomorrow!!!! i have no school and para will be a comin!!!!!!! duck duck goos!!!

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