Tuesday, October 9, 2012

sick cat

heyy gs.

i don't feel good at all right now! D:  i know this sounds disgusting but i keep feeling like i have to burp a lot and i've thrown up  a little bit in my mouth like 4 or 5 times the last couple days!!!  blehh i don't want to go to classes this week.

omg wow.  will my roommate not watch anything on the tv other than animal planet, the discovery channel, and the history channel?!?!?  and when he watches them, he's not even watching the good shows on them like mythbusters or any interesting historical documentary.  it's dumb stuff like shows about hunting bears, or dirtiest jobs on the planet, or trading stuff in pawn shops.

oh yeah i was bored today and i made this picture with the evolution of all of the names i have gone by in our group chats and on our blog!  that is crazy how many there are!

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