Friday, October 5, 2012

turning cat

Hey gs!

Today was so cold! Goos!

There are so many leaves in the world!!!!!!!!

Wow this show makes no sense at all.

In this episode the hills turned into bugs and captured people and then an evil bug guy and a hunch back guy named Igor enslaved them and then one of the slaves signaled Spider-Man so then Spider-Man stole a plane and flew to an island and then he had to fight the hill bugs but the hill bugs were robots so he climbed inside of one of them and made them crash into each other but then a rock turned into a rhino fish and started chasing him so he made it jump off a cliff but then the evil bug man sent his gargoyle birds after him and the gargoyle birds chased Spider-Man into a moat and a crocodile tried to eat him but then he made it to the castle just before the evil bug guy and Igor were going to escape on a spaceship and so the evil bug guy played a song on his organ which made a mountain turn into a monster so Spider-Man made the spaceship crash into the mountain and then there was a nuclear explosion.

What even???????

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