Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the chicken in the flask

heyyyyy gs

wow im so bored i want to die

i hate wednesdays!!!!

3 more hours utnil i can be a little less bored maybs

goos today i found out that i dont have class on friday!!!!! so tomorrow will be fri for me!!!!! icqcme for tomorrow at 3:50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow monday was the worst day that anyone could have

ok hmmmmmmmmmm

i love fall!!!!!!!!!!!! it's been so nice and cold for the last few weeks!!! i remember that the last two years,all i wanted was for it to be a little bit cool in time for my birthday but it wasn't really, but this year there's still a week and a  half until my birthday and it's already been cold for a while!!!

i wish i had an apple rn

well anyway the whole world is a better place when it's fall and winter

it's like in the summer and spring all you want to do is be a grumpy ball of sweat, a,d in the fall you want to be a not that grumpy loosey noodle!!!!

ook now i am just saying things because writing this post is the only thing i can think of to do

except homework but

but wow it's like you think ok i just have to get through a few hours and then i'll be less bored but no because then i have a 3 hour class which is even more boring than this. wow it is so hard always to get through that glug of a thing

wow im in the computer lab and how nice it is to type on a keyboard that has all the keys!!!

icqcme for para to be here!!!!!!!!!!

wow i was going to say something else glug about noah. hmmmm what was it. wow ok always at dinner i want to throw a plate at his head or something. idk if he has always been this annoying at dinner?????????? but like who even wants to hear all these glug details about someone's day???? like that is all we ever talk about at dinner is what noah did at school and his stupid economics class and  his stupid english class and his stupid personal finance management class blah blah blah. and then yesterday i was trying to talk about my day for 3 seconds and noah was like "why are we talking about this? this isn't a very technical conversation" and first of all shut him up, and second of all wtf does that even mean. wow he just says things that don't make any sense so he can sound smart. oh and always he's like "in my biology class, i was the only person who knew what _______ was!!!" wow shut that up. also he is a dummy even if he is more knowledgeable about some t hings like you can know things but still be a big ol airhead and that is him

oh i forgot spn was tonight. well i recall watching the promo for this ep and being bored to tears so how will i sit through this? i'll probably have to sit through it not until tomorrow morn or something. also i forgot to record it again blah.

i wish

i was

at home

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