Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the cat games

heyyy gs.

i didn't get to watch the newest episode of supernatural on tv tonight but i'll probably watch it later tonight and then post about it tomorrow.

goos!  my mom is ordering pies for thanksgiving!  icqcme!!!!!!!!!!!  only like 4 more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it feels like it should be way sooner than that though.  i keep thinking that this month is november instead of october.  idk why.

blehhhhh you know what sucks though?  my roommate just burnt popcorn in the microwave and it is stinking up this room so bad. 

oh yeah i should probably finish this post now. 

yeah the iron man 3 trailer does look really awesome!!!

that is crazy how it looks like the suit is starting to control itself maybe without tony actually being in it.

well that is all for this post because i have to get up early tomorrow so i want to get some work done right now so i can go to sleep semi-early.

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