Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the cat strikes backs

heyy gs.

if you haven't watched the newest episode of supernatural, don't read this post because i am going to do a review with spoilers.

Review:  Supernatural Season 7: We Need To Talk About Kevin

I thought it was a pretty good premiere of the season.  It didn't like amaze me too much but I thought it was a solid and promising beginning to the season.

Seeing Sam and Dean reunite after a year was my favorite part of the episode!  Haha I don't know whether to take a shower or give you a hug.

It seemed like to me that Sam and Dean's reunion after not seeing each other for a year was actually mostly more sad than happy though.  I don't think Dean should have been so mad at Sam but I still can't believe that Sam would just give up on everything that easily after everything they've been through.  Well at least Sam fixed up the Impala in the year while Dean was gone which was a good thing for him to do.

Oh yeah and wow what was up with showing flashbacks to Dean a year earlier being tormented in Purgatory and fighting for his life while Sam's flashbacks were just him rescuing a dog and that's it?  It seems like maybe they are just going to through the past year in continuous flashbacks from episode to episode but it just seemed weird that Dean's flashback was so important and Sam's wasn't in this episode.  I think the recurring flashbacks throughout multiple episodes will be cool rather than just having one or two big flashback episodes but just in this episode Sam's seemed really out of place.

It was good to see Sam and Dean traveling across the country in the Impala, staying in motels, and eating lunch again though!  I feel like Cas is going to be out of the picture for at least 5 or 6 more episodes.  Kevin wasn't too annoying in this episode but I hope he doesn't stick around too much.  Why did Dean have to find the voicemail messages on Sam's phone?  That would have been so nice if they were just accidentally deleted without even being heard!

Overall a promising start to the season and I'm actually excited for the next episode!

Oh yeah, and Sam's hair is sooooo long now!!!!

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