Friday, October 12, 2012

signs of a chicken

heyyyyyy gs

bleh last night there was a mouse in my room and i wanted to die

and then i watched spn and continued wanting to die

but not anymore because para is comin to town!!!!!!!!!

apparently noah has no school today too. thats not what i wanted for him

i think i'll finish avatar today. i only have 2 more eps but the last ep is an hour and a half for some glug reason. wow in the last few eps it was getting really good though. one of my fave ships even had a hug so i guess that means they are canon now!!!! wow there is so much kissing in this show though

para wtf that list is completely dif from the last time you said it. hw could you like iron man that much bleh im gonna puke. ok heres mine

1. thor
2. black widow
3. captain america
4. hawkeye
5. hulk
6. iron man

wow someone disconnected the wii for some reason why did they do that

i wish it was lunching time

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