Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the lizard cat

Hey gs.

Well didn't watch Supernatural tonight because well frankly I didn't want to and also because I was watching something super awesome at the time and also because I forgot.

Actually Gob in the comic books Tony's suit gains sentience and falls in love with him so I'm guessing that's going to happen in Iron Man 3???

Wow this is a beautiful thing I just got!!!! That makes me so happy!!!

A great thing happened to me today where I didn't do the readings for one of my classes but then when I got to the class my professor was like "sorry kids I didn't put the readings up on the website so you couldn't have read them" and then I just nodded along like yeah that happened and I knew about it and then we just watched videos for the whole class. Score!

Goos tomorrow is Thursday I love a Thursday.

Also only three more classes this week goos.

Wait Gob have you even seen Iron Man 2 yet why did you watch the Iron Man 3 trailer?

Well I guess it is like how I watched the promo for new week's Supernatural episode even though I haven't seen this week's episode.

It looks boring by the way. Why didn't they have another Halloween episode?  I mean the episode is coming on on Halloween...and this is supposedly like a horror show... And who's even going to watch it on Halloween? Not me. I mean maybe if it was a Halloween episode but otherwise nah bro.

Okay that's all!

I hate telepaths!

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