Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the cat queen

Hey gs.

Wow what a boring episode.

Not even worth talking about really.

Nice try Jenny but you failed.

Gob I see you chose to watch Iron Man but I'll answer your question anyway.  I haven't seen any of the Hulk movies so idk but I like Iron Man better than Captain America though they are both good movies.  Iron Man 2 is pretty much just horrible but I would recommend watching it anyway especially if you like Iron Man or Black Widow or Phil.

Wow my friend won't stop insulting Captain America and it's really making me mad.  He just has such bad opinions about everything.

Today I spent an hour in the computer lab watching videos of cats.

Also I drew a beautiful pic of my ship.

Omg also the worst thing happened to me today where I went all the way across the mall to my class and then got there and realized that I had forgotten my homework in my dorm so I ran all the way up to my room and then ran all the way back and then I was late because well I only had ten minutes to get to class to start with anyway so. But bleh I did not enjoy that.

Well this is a post finally.

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