Sunday, October 21, 2012

the walking cats

heyy gs.

what's up?

wow this has been such a nice autumnal weekend! because the leaves are all red and yellow and the weather was just really great fall weather!  cm and i carved a pumpkin and made toasted pumpkin seeds too!  and then for dinner we had a really good fall dinner, curried sweet potato and apple soup.  oh yeah and we watched harry potter which seems like a fall activity to me for some reason.

have either of you gs watched the show the walking dead?  because everyone at my school, including one of my professors, is like constantly raving about it and talking about it.  and it's kinda annoying because i know nothing about the show except that it's a zombie show.  i think at least season 1 is on netflix though, so i might just try watching it just so i can join in on their conversations about it.  i just don't see why so many people at my school are obsessed with that particular show.

i really need some new music to listen to.  i feel like recently i've been listening to way too much familiar stuff and way too much of the same stuff i always listen to.  you gs should give me some jamz to listen to!

also everyone, let's go back to doing our best to post every day, even if you have to do a sorta sucky post.

oh yeah even though i haven't seen iron man 2 yet, i watched the teaser trailer of iron man 3!  it is really short and doesn't give away much at all though.  the new suit looks pretty cool! that's pretty much all i have to say about the teaser trailer.

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