Monday, October 29, 2012

cat prowler

Hey gs.

A great thing happened today where I forgot one of my classes was cancelled until right before I was about to go.  That was such a nice surprise!

Wow remind me never to go to the dining hall at 6:30 again.

Still haven't watched the Supernatural episode.  Maybe I just won't watch it...

Maybe I just won't watch the next one either...

Who knows?

Wait okay I have this idea for us but we don't have to do it but tell me what you think. Okay so we want to have our TG jamz exchange, right? But you know how like in a jamz exchange if you are a considerate person you will try to put in mostly jamz that are relateable to things that the other people like which you might have because you also like those things?  Well what do you do if you don't even know if you like any of the same things? Well here's what you do.  Ever person says like a few things that they like and want jamz about and then the other people try their best to find jamz about those things.  Like even if they know absolutely nothing about it.  It could be fun because even if they fail to find relevant jamz it will probably be amusing to see what jamz they picked out.  Also you could give like a few key words to help them like say I wanted Supernatural jamz I might say brothers, demons, hell, blah blah blah.  Do you get it?

Well that's just an idea I had.  Tell me if you like it.



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