Thursday, October 25, 2012

the chicken day

heyyyyy gs

well i havent watched spn yet so

i heard that theres werewolves or s/t which i hate and that sam and dean arent in it that much which i double hate. so no thanks

i actually liked last weeks ep though. well i didnt love it but it was def the best of the season

wow ok i really hate my history prof and today i realized that the reason why is bc he remids me a little of russ

that is the worst possible quality a perso could have

im going to puke just thinkin g about russ

bleh blah today i hated

wow next wednseday will be so great though because i dont have my class that i hate and so i'll be done at noon it will be just like a monday or a frriday!!!!!!!

i wish it was friday rn

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