Monday, October 8, 2012

Professor Cat

heyyy gs.

sorry i didn't post yesterday.  we went to the indianapolis symphony and we didn't get back until like 1:30 and i was too tired to even post late or anything but not everyone is posting regularly every day anymore or anything so i don't think it matters that much.

i just got done watching this really good movie on netflix called brick!  it's like a noir, murder mystery movie and it has joseph gordon-levitt as the main character and also the actress of claire from lost, and eden from heroes.  some parts of it were kinda hard to understand but i rewatched the last couple of scenes and i think i get it all now.

here is a trailer for it, if you are interested.

omg i can't wait for tomorrow!  i only have to go to 1 class at 9:00 and that's it!!!!  because one of my classes is an optional class that i can just go to as many as i need to go to in order to fill my requirements of seeing so many recitals, and my symphonic band concert got canceled, and the rehearsal got canceled!!!!

i actually do have a lot of work and practicing to do too but i think since i'll have the whole day i will make sure i have a good balance of just relaxing and working.

haha para i was reading through your post real fast and i thought you said read some spoilers that cas is going to die!  but then i read it more carefully and it did not say that. D:

omg my roommate is being so annoying.  today when i was trying to nap he decided to skype with one of his friends for like 3 freaking hours.  and he kept doing really annoying things like banging on his keyboard and hiding under his covers and going "boo!"  he wasn't really being that loud but i think that made it more annoying because his voice when it is quiet is so annoying!  it's like in between speaking and whispering and it just irritates me so much whenever he does skype while i'm in the room. 

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