Monday, October 8, 2012

cat cat

Hey gs!

Bleh I want this week to be over so much even though it just started.

Icqcme for this weekend!!!

Wow okay last night I had a crazy dream that was so exciting and great!  Okay in it I was a wanted murderer except I don't know who I murdered or really why I murdered them but I know I had super powers and I was super awesome and a bunch of people were on my tail so I had to be like this sneaky person sneaking around and it was so great and exciting and at one point I had an epic battle with someone in a subway station.

Oh man that was a great dream.

Wow I drew a great pic today in one of my classes and I was super proud of myself because I did it with no reference images and it didn't turn out looking like crap!!!

Wow it sounds like Noah has become an even bigger fool than he was when I knew him! hahaha or maybe I just forgot how foolish he is.  Wow I hate when people say dumb things and then I feel so embarrassed for them like this one person in one of my classes always says like these stupid things and its clearly making the professor uncomfortable to hear these things and then I just get so uncomfortable and embarrassed for that dumb person.

Bleh today I read some spoilers that were like in some episodes Cass is going to have this important role blah blah blah can I just die????

Goos I finished my homework so now I can read this fic that I've had open all day!  Wow yesterday I read a super great fic and I was so surprised to find it because I did not expect that a fic like that would exist.

Okay well bye gs!!!

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