Tuesday, October 2, 2012

a new cat

heyyy gs.

wow that was really weird last night that i had the worst headache ever and it took me forever to fall asleep because of it.  then when i woke up in the morning i still had the headache.  and i had it pretty much all day today until i found the ibuprophen and took some.  but that's crazy because that's like the longest one single headache has ever lasted for me.

besides having a lingering headache though, today actually was pretty nice!!

it was cloudy and the rain was drizzling all day and i didn't have much to do today so i just chilled, listened to some music, and watched tv shows in bed for a lot of the day!  and i got some really good chinese food for dinner!

oh yeah, there's supernatural tomorrow!!!!!! 

wow i haven't even checked if our tv even gets the cw or not.  well if not i know where to stream it so inbd.

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