Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the return of cat

Hey gs.

Spoilers for Supernatural ahead just fyi.

*Okay let's just all agree the only good part of the ep was when Sam was Thor.
*Aaaaah he is worthy!!!!
*Oh man that was great.
*But everything is was either a snore to me or really stupid.
*Like it made me so mad when Kevin and his mom got matching tattoos????
*And when Sam apparently didn't care about the Impala enough to not want to sell it???
*Um doesn't that care have special memories to him????
*Swan Song anyone????
*Idk what was happening with anything really because I couldn't hear what was happening above my friend spewing useless trivia about Greek gods???
*I did not need all those flashbacks for sure.
*There was way too much Cass.
*And way too much Kevin.
*And way too much Kevin's mom.
*And way too much Crowley.
*Okay I think that covers it.
*Oh wait I forgot that the other best part of the ep was Sam's tattoo!!!!!!!
*I can't remember if we saw Dean's hmm
*Well who cares.
*I hope Kevin stays gone okay.

Well who really cares about Supernatural?

You know what we should all care about instead??

My ship.

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