Monday, October 15, 2012

godspeed you! black cat

heyyy gs

sorry i didn't post this weekend.  it was just a super busy and crazy weekend.  i went to a concert in louisville and ended only getting like 3 hours of sleep that night, i played a ton of minecraft with cm,  and i wrote a 7 minute speech that i should have been working on for 2 weeks all in one weekend.

the first and second things were fun but the third was not.

but yeah it was just really busy so i completely forgot had no time for posting.  and apparently neither of you did either!  or you just saw that i didn't post and didn't feel like doing it as well.

but anyways inbd.

okay gs here is a question for you.  should i watch the captain america movie, iron man, or one of the hulk movies first?  which one did you gs like the best?

i'm so glad this week of school will be pretty easy and relaxed for me.  i might even do decent blog posts all this week!

are you gs going to start posting again too?

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